City Commission Meeting
October 2, 2017
Termites Ate Commission Table

First Readings Only With Partial Attendance: City Drug Court & Zoning

Sewer To New Casey's



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Collinsville, Oklahoma

The city commissioners were brought down from their "lofty heights" after termites damaged the formal meeting table on the raised stage where they normally sit. Wade Nachtigall has been commissioned to build a replacement table.

Agenda for 10/2/2017 Commission (on City Site)

Present: Shafer, York, Francis
Absent: Garrett, Bateman

5. Consent agenda approved with Shafer & Francis votes
7. First reading Only on ordinance 917 to allow city court to prosecute drug cases that state laws recently changed from felony to misdomenor.
10.First Reading Only on ordinance 918 -- to change zoning from AG to IL north of the NW corner of Broadway and 5th St.

Collinsville Municipal Authority

Agenda for 10/2/2017 CMA (on City Site)

5. Consent agenda approved with Shafer,York and Francis votes


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