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October 26, 2017 (Online 11/2/2017)
Cancer Concern Televised
CHS Senior Lexi Draper Raised Questions / Fox 23 Elevated Exposure
August 2013 -- One of last Collinsville Soil Program Ads (on with stats on Collinsville testing / remediations
Lexi Draper published an online story in the Collinsville High School "Cardinal Connection" in May 2017 posing this question: "Is there a connection between the numerous new cases of cancer and the location?"

(Sep. 20 Tweet on day of initial Fox 23 interview)
(Lexi Draper "Extended" Interview with Fox23 - 10/25/2017 post)
(Oct. 26 2nd Lexi Draper - Fox23 Facebook Live Interview -- just before TV feature
(Fox23 /Janna Clark News Feature with Lexi Draper / Daniel Malon Family - Collinsville Youth Cancer Concern -- 10/26/2017) which was promoted extensively during two World Series games
Hopefully additional data on cancer cases (deaths & survivals) from Lexi's story and Fox23's followup will provide direction for further action if necessary. Another long term question I have, is potential reuse of the two properties or how long they will be restricted before they are forgotten/neglected -or- sold for residential use? -- Ted.

-- Ted Wright -- November 2017 Editorial Comments:
* There is only one thing we know with any certainty -- Too many Collinsville youth have gotten cancer.
* Beyond that we can only speculate the cause of recent and past cases of cancer here (or anywhere?).

* One potential cause might be the smelters detailed below? (or pesticides?, or water supply? or other?)
* Lexi and other current high school students in Collinsville were born near the time Collinsville smelters began being investigated for hazardous material and were in JrHi or high school as local cleanup efforts were wrapping up.
* The material removed from community properties and contained at former Collinsville smelter sites included
arsenic, cadmium, and lead
* Almost 4,000 properties were tested and less than 300 had contaminated soil removed
* EPA/DEQ deals with "acceptable levels" of toxins and potential health impacts

A Few Key Points on Collinsville Smelters Timeline --
* There were two large zinc smelters located in Collinsville which were active from 1911 until the early 1920s.
Material from those smelters was distributed offsite over the years for roadways, railways, driveways, ... etc.
* ~1985 portions of the old B.Z. Smelter (east side of railroad at 136th St. N.) were used during local coal pit reclamations
* ~1998 the EPA proposed adding the T.F.M. Smelter (west side of the railroad further south of 136th) to the Superfund list for potential cleanup. It was officially added to the Superfund Priority list Jan. 15, 1999.

* August 16, 2000 news reports says EPA recommends free blood lead testing for local children
* March 2004 Smelter Cleanup / Fence -- Tulsa World
* October 11, 2007 Public Meeting for Superfund Site at Collinsville City Hall (Remediation Investigation)
* November 2007 DEQ Letter requesting information about off-site smelter material
* July 24, 2008 Public Meeting for Superfund Site at Collinsville City Hall (Proposed Plans)
* January 2009 The Collinsville Soil Program office opened at 707 W. Main Street in Collinsville.
* March 2009 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Collinsville Soil Program (CCO) -- and invite for soil testing
* October 2013 Collinsville Soil Program Completed ... material removed from over 250 properties moved to east smelter (BZ) site ... (NOT Superfund site) ... includes arsenic, cadmium, and lead
* Februaty 2, 2015 Public Meeting At Collinsville City Hall (Review Containment Plan w/ cost saving shortcuts)
* February 15, 2015 Public Meeting at Collinsville City Hall (Final Containment Plan Presented - TFM Site)
* June 15, 2015 Cleanup began at the Superfund Site (TFM Smelter) ... for on-site containment
* March 2017 Superfund Smelter Site Photos -- months after containment completed
* August 2017 DEQ Superfund Smelter Status Report

As an example of contaminated soil removed from Collinsville properties ... this one in October 2012 was just across the street from Collinsville Middle School.
Although I never received any official information on where the removed soil so taken (by the Collinsville Soil Program) ... it was obvious to me that it was taken to a large pile just east of the railroad crossing (on the other side of Old Highway 169) near the Superfund site which is on the west side of the railroad tracks. I have no information on it's containment. -- Ted Wright 11/2/2017
Feb 2009

I am aware of two Collinsville locations where smelter material is still visible (even after millions of dollars were spent for the cleanup). One is the retaining wall shown in 2007 which appears untouched in 2017 and also visible slag on the surface all along the railroad tracks through town. Perhaps the property owners did not give permission? -- Ted Wright

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