Collinsville, Oklahoma
June 30, 2017
Baseball Stadium Wedding
Collinsville Couple Wed
In Busch Stadium Ceremony
During St. Louis Cardinals Game
Tyson Baker -- June 27 ·

Two and a half years ago, I asked Alyssa in the middle of the empty BOK Center to marry me. My line to her as I trembled to say it while tearing up was "In a stadium full of people I would only have eyes for you." Yesterday at the St. Louis Cardinals game, in a stadium full of people while tearing up I married that girl. I love you so much and can not wait to see what our futures hold!

Thank you...
— with Alyssa Baker at Busch Stadium.

Donna Shores O'Day added 14 new photos — with Alyssa Baker
June 27, 2017

That time we went to a wedding and a Cardinals game broke out. Yesterday afternoon at Busch stadium we noticed a young couple sitting a couple of rows ahead of us, raising a sign during every break in hopes of getting out a message: they wished to be married during the game. After a couple of innings with no responses to their request for a minister, they moved up by us. We began to chat with them and learn more about them. The two were incredibly sweet, smart, determined and so adoring of one another. By the 3rd inning, a minister appeared and began to talk with them. They exchanged license information and determined that all was in place for a legal and binding wedding. My friend and I were so touched when asked to serve as bridesmaids and the people in the surrounding section were cheering the couple on with great joy. Prior to the Blessed Inning, the minister privately prayed with the couple and all felt so right. So, in the middle of the 6th inning, we took our places on the stairs as these two exchanged vows. They teared up, the minister teared up, we all teared up. And they say there's no crying in baseball. The crowd went wild and we began our celebration of not only the wedding, but of being part of an act of faith, love, and kindness that took us by surprise but will surely stay with us always. Many of us left the game as new, but hopefully forever friends. Oh, and the Cardinals won. ??

Brad Francis shared Donna Shores O'Day's post.
June 27

Tyson is a smart business man, great at marketing and money management. .He planned a large wedding on a very small budget. 43,000 people attended!!

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Strangers help Cardinals couple marry in Busch stadium stands -- Fox2Now (St. Louis) -- 6/28/2017

Collinsville's Tyson Baker & Alyssa Cohenour had 46,000 guests at their wedding.

Photos from Donna Shores O'Day's Facebook Page 6/27/2017