Collinsville, Oklahoma
July 8, 2017
Library Building 100th
Collinsville's Carnegie Library Building Was Completed & Opened
In July 1917
Collinsville will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the opening of it's library building this month, but the functional Collinsville library is much older. Even without a dedicated building for that purpose, folks in Collinsville were sharing books even before 1903 when the Comedy of Errors Club (a Shakespeare literary group) was founded here. That group helped grow the number of books and helped operate the library that resided in various homes, businesses, city hall and finally the high school before the new Andrew Carnegie funded building was completed in 1917.
* Collinsville named in 1897
* Collinsville moved to current town site in 1900
* Collinsville Library opened with 212 volumes in May 1905
* High School brick buildings built in 1909 & 1912
* Two zinc smelters started Collinsville operations in 1911
* Most downtown buildings built between 1910 and 1920
* Newspaper Museum building built in 1912
* City Hall building built in 1913

* October 1916 contract let for Library construction
* Collinsville Carnegie Library building opened in July 1917
* Andrew Carnegie died in 1919 at age 84
* Sept. 1920 - fourth grade class held in Library basement
* L
ibrary chimney hit by lightning in April 1944
* Gas stoves replaced original steam boiler in Oct. 1948
* Joined Tulsa City-County Library system in 1963
* Extensive Library building renovations in 1999

The door to the former Library coal chute is on display at the "Newspaper Museum In Collinsville". It was donated by the Library when removed during the 1999 renovations. It was used to deliver coal to the basement boiler which heated the building until replaced by gas heaters in 1948.

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Rather than create another page for the actual day of the celebration ... I've just added these few photos to the pre-event page. -- Ted Wright 7/21/2017
Collinsville, Oklahoma
July 18, 2017
Library Building 100th
Rhonda Weldon (current Collinsville Library branch manager) was interviewed by Channel 6 TV.
This time capsule to be opened in 2067 (on the Library's 150th) contains 2017 photos related to the Library, citizens and Collinsville (along with a copy of the web site).
These teens assist with the operation of the Collinsville Library.
These ladies have been the key Library personnel since at least 1999.
There were plenty of people (& cupcakes) at the 100th anniversary celebration in 2017
The library's 100th Birthday Party will not include a balloon release. -- 7/12/2017 Update -- Due to environmental concerns