Collinsville, Oklahoma
July 26, 2017
Ever Changing Face Of Collinsville
City Park Pavilion /
Washingon School /
Clark's Feed Store /
Historic City Park Pavilion Doomed?
The top photo shows the old large pavilion (in the center of Collinsville City Park) in 1952. I don't know exactly when it was built, but it has been the scene of many a fond memory of family and community gatherings for generations of Collinsville folks. The photos below show the current fenced off condition which I didn't notice until earlier this summer and a city letter stating the pavilion was "unsafe and unstable". If the park board and city commission take the recommendation from City Inspector Daniel Harper, the old structure would be torn down (at least to the poles). And based on many earlier discussion (when I was still on the park board), if any grant money is involved, the slab would likely also need to be rehabed or replaced to make it ADA compliant ... which might mean starting over from scratch? -- Ted Wright
Washington School Building
The Washington Elementary building (near 13th & Exchange) was built in 1912 and has seen many uses over the years (most recently storage only) but no students for many years. Alternative students had been on the same campus but in auxillary buildings until they moved to Wilson Elementary in August 2015. I am unaware of any formal school board discussion or action but suspect something is being contemplated (a sale perhaps?) with a major cleanup effort there this summer to remove surplus and junk stored there. -- Ted Wright
Days Numbered For "Clark's Pecan" Building ... Casey's General Store Replacing
I don't have any formal annoucement but the rumor mill has been way ahead of me on this for months ... that Casey's General Store will be tearing down the historic (Clark's Pecan) building on the NE corner of 9th and Main and building a new facility there sometime in the near future. I don't have an exact year the old building was completed but believe it was originally an apartment/ garage business (adjacent to the depot before 1919), and later a creamery/cheese factory in the 1930's, then the sale barn location by 1937, before it's more recent feed store /pecan shelling functionality. -- Ted
The Collinsville Sale Barn building was owned by Hasque Bowline in this early 1950's aerial photo looking west down Main Street on a typically busy Saturday morning in Collinsville. The depot has since been moved and Crocker's Garage on the west of the sale barn is replaced by the donut shop ... and cars no longer park in the center of Main Street between the light poles.
Quik Trip Expanding
Stan Sallee posted this photo on Facebook July 14, 2017 with the following caption: "QT expansion at Hwy 75 & Hwy 20". The original facility opened here in April 2011. Sallee wasn't able yet to say what the new functionality would be, but hinted it could be a first of it's kind for QT.
Note: I'll hopefully have more to say later about "Safe Routes To School" and the new Church of Christ building. and the new tractory supply company south of town-- Ted
As I try to wrap up this page, realized I hadn't covered that Allred Lumber has left and the city will likely expand the Veterans building parking over that property at 9th and Main. -- Ted

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