Collinsville, Oklahoma
January 31, 2017
CHS Basketball -vs- Pryor
Fenderson 3-Pointer At Buzzer Of Overtime Gives CHS Boys Dramatic Win
Less Drama For Girls 48-39
CHS Boys Basketball -- 1.6 sec left Cards trail 56-58 - Tanner Curtis long pass to Cooper Fenderson - game winner on the way with time on the clock (at end of OT) - Cards beat Pryor 59-58. Had trailed 16-19 end 1Q; trailed 21-30 at half; trailed 39-42 end 3Q; 51-51 end requlation with split decision by refs on Card foul before or after time expired; Seth Boomer had fouled out and Pryor free throw gave them 2 point advantage with 1.6 seconds left. First inbound pass was blocked ... second was golden. -- Ted Wright -- Jan. 31, 2017
Cooper Fenderson with the game winner from the corner ... after catching the long pass from Tanner Curtis (below).
Tanner Curtis with the game winning assist ... geting the ball to Fenderson on the fly from the far end of the court with the clock not starting until the ball touched Cooper's hands ... with just 1.6 seconds left in overtime.
Pryor had Collinsville down for nearly the entire game but the Cardinals first extended the game to overtime then found a way to pull out an unlikely victory ... and charged the court after Cooper Fenderson's winner at the buzzer ... followed closely by happy Cardinal student fans.
-- The celebration remined me of one in Feb. 2010 after a Reece Montgomery 3/4 court buzzer beater at the end of 2 overtimes with Skiatook. --Ted)
Mallory Vaughn had 25 points in the Lady Cardinals 48-39 win over Pryor.
Collinsville second and third grade girls demonstrated their basketball skills during half-time of the varsity girls game. Darci Chester totaled 12 points including this 3 pointer as she is already on defense before the ball hits the floor under the basket.
Collinsville fourth and fifth grade boys entertained during half-time of the varsity boys game.
Britanny Kickapoo (#12)
Tanner Curtis (#11)
Colton Vickers (#24)
Flying Cheerleader Jacy Rule
Colton Vickers (#24)
Kylie Alberty (#25) and Pryor's #25 are recoiling from their collision which I assume was on a Pryor screen which Kylie said she didn't see coming. Kylie also said she had a significant headache
Cooper Fenderson (#22) with a drive and a bucket to tie the score at 55-all in OT. Seth Boomer (#21) went to the free throw line on this play to put Collinsville ahead 56-55 with 7 seconds left
Previous Coverage
CHS Basketball at home -vs- Pryor Jan 31 - Girls won 48-39. Boys won on shot at the buzzer at end of overtime 59-58. Cooper Fenderson with the game winner. -- (Video)

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