Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 16, 2017
Old Sale Barn / Clark Building
Historic Collinsville Building Torn Down Saturday Dec. 16th
Future Casey's Location
We the Clark family wholeheartedly want to express our gratitude for all the well wishes and and memories you've shared recently about our old building at 9th and Main. It was in our family 45 years and no one can imagine the wonderful memories we have. Financially there was just no way to avoid "pulling the plug" on the old girl and we'll probably avoid driving by for quite a while. It's been our pleasure and honor to be a part of the community and to own a local landmark that has provided jobs, photo opportunities, movie filming, and memories for so many. We'd especially like to thank Mayor York for his invaluable assistance in the transition to the new property owners. The Clark family, Bill, Minnie, Rick, Ron and Greg. -- Dec. 21, 2017
I assume the building was constructed in the early teen years but don't have a precise year or early uses other the photo below which I assume to be in the 1910-1920 time frame as an "auto home garage". -- Ted Wright

Received additional info from my brother Phil Wright (12/18/2017):

I found two references to Auto Home Garage:

J. D. Ward adding on to Auto Home Garage (November 24, 1917 Star)

9th Street Garage, formerly Auto Home Garage (January 17, 1919 Times)

I starting buying feed at Clarks when I first moved to Collinsville and when I first stepped foot in the store Mr and Mrs Clark treated me like I was a old friend even though Emily and Robert bounced on the Feed bags in the warehouse. One time Robert wanted a cowbell and I was too cheap to buy it so Bill just gave it to him. Thanks Bill. Needed more cowbell. The trip to the Feed store was always a joy sometimes followed by a trip to the donut shop. The Clarks are one of the reasons I came to love Collinsville. I will always be grateful for their simple kindness that is not always so easy to find these days. It was more than a feed store to me and my family and I am confident that Collinsville is better because of the tradition and legacy of the Clark's feed store. -- Ken Underwood 11/17/2017


I assume that's Hascue Bowline (left, elevated and seated) pointing at the horse he is auctioning at the weekly Saturday sale in downtown Collinsville.
Rick & Bill Clark in the building for the final day as owners. Bill and Minnie Clark bought the building at 9th and Main in the spring of 1972. Rick said he was about 13 then and vividly recalls many hours shoveling out the remnants of animals being sold in the building during the sale barn years ... as his family converted it into a feed store and pecan processing plant.
I would imagine there have been thousands of photos taken on the back porch of the Clark's Feed Store building in the past decades. This example of the 2015 CHS Footballl seniors couldn't even get on the main portion of the porch as it was already occupied by another photo shoot. -- Ted Wright

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