Collinsville, Oklahoma
October 9, 2016
Mercedeez Collins Critical
CHS Senior In Coma Since October 1st Cardiac Arrest
Some Recent Improvement

Mercedeez Collins
Sunday Oct 9th:
Thursday 10/6 Update: Today was wonderful! The nurses were able to keep the peep setting down to 7-8 all day which is great. Also the o2 being added was down to 75 another great achievement. So for everyone who doesn't speak dr lingo the peep setting is the amount of air pressure held in your lungs after exhaling. They can hold some in to allow for more efficient use of the o2. Think of it as a splint for lungs. We are praying for another awesome day tomorrow. We have had several encouraging stories from others and love to hear them.
Loving Cedee (Facebook) -- ~9:30am Tues 10/4/2016 --
(regarding Mercedeez Collins -- 2017 CHS Senior)

For all you you that don't know what's going on or only bits and pieces Saturday night Cedee went into cardiac arrest. She had been at the fair with her family and friends and was perfectly fine. Tyson and Cedee left the fair when Cedee started gasping for air and then stopped breathing. Tyson who is so smart and fast acting called 911 and they walked him through everything to do until EMSA got there! Which is the reason she is still with us now! She at one point didn't have a pulse and was not breathing but the paramedics got her heart beat back and rushed her to the emergency room at St John in Tulsa where she is now. They have done lots of test cat scans, an EEG, a heart cath, and probably many more things. The doctors do not know what had caused it so we are still trying to figure that out as of now. The doctors had to get her temperature down to 33 degrees Celsius for 24 hours to get all the swelling down and to basically reboot her body. That process finished and they started warming her body up yesterday (Monday October 3rd) they got her up to the temperature she needed to be where she is now. Cedee is on the 3rd floor in the C.V.I.C.U. If anyone wants to see her or the family. They don't have the results of the EEG yet but we will give you an update on that as soon as we know. The heart cath that they did yesterday checking her arteries and her heart came back great with no blood clots. When they did the EEG she was heavily sedated so the results might come back abnormal or not 100% accurate. As of about 4:15 am this morning They took her off of her sedatives and are just waiting for her to filter it out of her system. And she was needing 100% oxygen yesterday morning and today she is only needing 60% and that's where we are as of now. The Collins family is very appreciative of all the friends and family that has came by and for everything everyone has done for them!! As they are very busy with doctors, nurses, and the amazing friend and family that are coming up to visit they aren't getting back to everyone as they would like so we will keep you guys updated on here as soon as we know something new so you can know as well!! If you want to post about how much Cedee has touched your life, or share what an amazing person she is,pictures, and prayers please do so!! She and her family greatly appreciated it!

Dec. 7, 2016 Update:
Loving Cedee

Good morning friends! Just wanted to give a little update! Cedee is doing really well! She continues to improve every day! We are so grateful! We also found out that she is having her surgery on Friday morning to place the defibrillator. They said this will be a very painful procedure and recovery. She is very nervous and scared to have surgery. If every one would please keep her in your prayers to have peace and comfort through this procedure, we would appreciate it! We know prayer works! So thank you all!!!!!!! We love you!!!!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!!

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