Park Board Meeting
June 19, 2016
City Park Creek Possibilities
Previous Meet
May 17, 2016

Adam S., Glen R., & Jenny W. were present
(with Kelly B. absent and one vacant spot unfilled)

4) Trail Lights -- (no formal action) -- This long awaited project is "next on in-house city electrical department's schedule" according to Phil Stowell ... but no set date. The City had asked for estimates from outside contractors which were "too high". City Manager Pam Polk said she would check with other local cities with electrical departments to see if there would be interested/available at a better rate. The city electrical staff still has Ashbury 8 and the new Church of Christ building on their to-do list (delayed by storm damage).

5) Sewage Odor -- (no formal action) -- Noticed by Glen Reser during the Independence Day park celebration near the low water crossing over the creek (next to the raised sewer manhole cover). Possible solutions would be a better sealed manhole and/or a deodorant dispenser hung in the manhole for he occasional odor at that location.

6) Park Creek -- (no formal action) --Ongoing discussion on clearing plant growth in and along the creek bed. Hope for some cooperation with the (19th Street) bridge replacement contractor for some help with that in conjuction with their work and equipment already scheduled nearby. As as a side note, it is not clear that the creek has a formal name and the potential for a park contest to name it would be discussed later.

-- (no formal action) -- City Manager Pam Polk asked the Park Board for an opinion on a vendor's request to operate a snow cone stand in the city park. Park ordinances only allow vendor sales in the park if permission from the city is granted. The discussion covered making the vendor responsible for trash pickup, possible locations, and possible fees for power.

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