Collinsville, Oklahoma
February 20, 2016
Volunteers Start Trails
Trail Initiative At Collinsville City Lake Kicked Off Saturday
Tony Boone Here To Direct Work
Work Continues Feb. 27th
The second (main) group of volunteers posed for the "official" ground breaking photo for the first day of trail clearing at Collinsville City Lake. Many indicated it was their first trip to the location that is hoped will soon no longer be Collinsville's "hidden treasure". The lake was expanded by the WPA in 1932 and serves as the city water reservoir with water initially from the Caney River and then later piped from Oologah Lake (since 1965). Swimming, boats and tobacco products, camp fires are not allowed at the city owned property, but fishing from the shore is allowed.
Also note, several properties adjacent to the lake are private property and posted with no trespassing signs.
Nick Mendez is the "father" of the trail initiative at Collinsville City Lake ... bringing the concept to Collinsville city officials in December 2014 and getting approval to proceed. Nick remains the driving force to get the trail designed / built / maintained and to gather volunteer support and promote the project.
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Directions To Collinsville City Lake:
1.) Head East on 146th Street (~1 mile past Hwy 169)
2.) Turn left on 149th E Ave, drive .5 miles
3.) Turn Right on 151st Street, drive roughly .5 miles
4.) Turn left on City Lake Road

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Nationally known trail designer Tony Boone (left) and Collinsville Mayor Bud York (right) demonstrate tool use and safety for the first (early) group of volunteers to start clearing one section of the most challenging trail section along the steep north shore of the Collinsville City Lake early Saturday morning (Feb. 20th, 2016). There will eventually be over 3 miles of trails with varying levels of difficulty for trail bikes and hikers (including trails on flat ground south of the lake). See the trail map at the bottom of the page.