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December 13, 2016
Sallee Field Turf Re-Do
Replacement of Sallee Field Turf (Under Warranty)
Moving Along Quickly
I hope I have given the proper credit for this top photo that James Schrag posted to the Band Boosters' Facebook page Dec. 13th. It shows an overhead view of the detail work still in progress to add the endzone lettering, hash marks, and numbers that have to be cut into the basic large sheets of green turf initially installed with just white yard lines every 5 yards. A mountain of reused filler material is yet to added to the new surface.-- Ted Wright
The red "D" in the north endzone "Cardinals" lettering was being cut out and removed to be replaced with blue and a white outline Tuesday afternoon (Dec,. 13th before the top photo on this page).
New turf with the new white numbers every 10 yards added.
Placement of the new field turf had progressed out to about the 40 yard line when this photo was taken ~2pm Wednesday Dec. 7, 2016
After several days of "shaking out" and trucking off the old (removed) turf the new turf was ready to be placed on the existing gravel surface starting Dec. 6th.
All the old (2008 vintage) turf has now been removed at Sallee Field ... and is now being "shaken" to salvage as much of the filler material as possible -- Ted 12/2/2016 1:30pm Friday
As the old turf material was removed the level gravel surface was revealed (with an extensive drainage system hidden below).
The old field surface material was cut the length of the field and rolled up for removal.
There was still frost on the field when crews began removing the rubber filler material in the process of upgrading the Sallee Field turf this morning. The (warranty) project should be done in time for the 2017 soccer season. -- Ted 12/1/2016
I don't have an official description of the "defect" in the old turf but had been told that the white material (for the numbers, yard lines, numbers, etc) had worn more quickly than the green material and you could see (and could feel) a measurable height difference between the two surfaces. Discussions to replace the surface while still under warranty began a few years back. Aside from some legal fees to finally get the replacement agreement honored and new cost to add soccer lines (rather than repaint each year) the local school district costs were minimal. -- Ted
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