Collinsville, Oklahoma
April 19, 2016
Herald Elementary Honors
Final "Attentive" Students For March and Initial "Courage" Students For April

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Herald Elementary students finished out the month of March learning about being attentive and how important working to pay attention is in the classroom and at home. The following grades chose students from their classrooms who are especially attentive. -- Lee Ann Due 4/13/2016
First Grade Attentive Students (3-24)
Roger Johnson, Averyn Birmingham, Cadyn McGarrah, Zane Milliken, Allyson Powell, Ryan Ellis, Elise Mahan, Stormie Casillas, and Samara Bartholomew
Third Grade Attentive Students (3-24)
(back row) Tylie Rathfon, Emma Snodgrass, Destiny McGinnis, Emily Lor, Kylie Metcalf, Jamaria Wordlow, Destiny Ryan, and Kaylee Arnold
(front row) Roman Krepps, Jakob Seidell, Shane Peaney, Joey Harper, Preston Willis, Skylar Lee, Eric Evans, Jaden Graham, Aiden Risley, Alejandro Perez, and Cale Gift
First Grade Attentive Students (4-1)
Brevin Walters, Cash Hammer, Ella Newton, Calvin Yang, Jacob Alvarado, Aiden Hubbard, Jonas Sink, and Lily Gift
We are learning about being courageous during the month of April at Herald Elementary. Courageous means having the strength to act even when you're afraid or uncertain. The quote we're learning about courage is: "Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid. Courage means you don't let fear stop you." by Bethany Hamilton.

Our first grade classes have chosen one student from each class this week who represents courage.

First Grade Courageous Students
Heston Myers, Landon Hollenbeck, Zerrick Burger, Jackson Brewer, Nicki Gray, Kyle Hogue, Mollie Cavanaugh, and Trip Darland