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September 23, 2015 (Rehosted Oct. 1st)
Baby Emmy's Ashes Lost
Still Missing
Ashes Of Murdered Grandchild
Lost At Sallee Field Sept. 18th
Fell From Jimmy Moore's Neckless
Oct. 1st Ted Wright Note: This is a slightly expanded version of the information and single photo (below) posted on cvilleok September 23rd. I've added a few more photos but I have heard no update since that date.
Watch Fox 23, Chan 6, or Chan 2 for more on this unfolding story today (Sept. 23) as it seemed that Jimmy Moore's container of ashes of his granddaughter (Emmerson Paige O'Rourke) had been found. But it was actually Emmy's ashes belonging to another family member. Jimmy wore the ashes on a chain around his neck at Friday's football game at Sallee Field Sept. 18th. They came loose sometime during the evening and could be just about anywhere on the home side of the field. Many community members have searched already, including the family, band, baseball team, and coaches ... but the search continues today. Baby Emma died July 12, 2015, at age 10 months. -- Ted Wright 2pm Wednesday Sept. 23, 2015
Jimmy Moore had just about concluded an interview with Fox 23 at Sallee Field mid-day today when Police Capt. Daniel Boggs arrived with information that a similar sounding container had been turned into Collinsville Police. Channel 2 & 6 interview were pending and all moved to the Police Station for what was assumed to be a happy conclusion to the story. It turned out instead, that the "found" container was inside a backpack belonging to Moore's son. Each family member has a similar container of Emmy's ashes and this was not the container being searched for.
I feel like I'm on some twisted version of Antiques Road Show. While doing an interview the Captain of the Collinsville Police Department arrived and said he had Emmy's ashes. I was sooo happy!!!! Went to the police station and they were Emmy's ashes but not the ones I had. They were Rocky's. They were in his backpack and someone turned it in thinking the ashes were drugs. I went from elated to deflated. Three news crews were there to capture this crazy order of events. Her ashes are still there somewhere.-- Jimmy Moore 9/23/2015
Emmerson Paige O'Rourke -- July 2015 Obit Death Rulled A Homicide -- per Newson6 -- Sept. 25, 2015

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