Collinsville, Oklahoma
November 9-10, 2015 (Online Nov 17th)
7th Grade Girls Basketball
Collinsville Girls Hosted JrHi Basketball Tournament
7th Grade Girls Played First Game In Remodeled CHS Gym
Revised Schedule for the JrHi Boys Basket Tournament -- 11/11/2015
-- From Jim Riley:
7th grade Boys – All games in Practice Gym
Monday Nov. 16
5:00 – Collinsville 1 vs Wagoner
6:00 – Skiatook vs Coweta
7:00 – Collinsville 2 vs Berryhill
Tuesday Nov. 17
5:00 – Collinsville 1 vs Berryhill
6:00 – Skiatook vs Wagoner
7:00 – Collinsville 2 vs Coweta
Thursday Nov. 19
5:00 - Collinsville 1 vs Coweta
6:00 – Skiatook vs Collinsville 2
7:00 – Berryhill vs Wagoner
8th Grade Boys - All games played at HS Gym
Monday Nov. 16
5:00 –Berryhill vs Skiatook
6:00 – Collinsville 1 vs Wagoner
7:00 – Collinsville 2 vs Coweta
Tuesday Nov. 17
5:00 – Collinsville 2 vs Berryhill
6:00 – Collinsville 1 vs Coweta
7:00 – Skiatook vs Wagoner
Thursday Nov. 19
5:00 – Collinsville 2 vs Wagoner
6:00 – Collinsville 1 vs Berryhill
7:00 – Coweta vs Skiatook
9th Grade Boys – Practice gym and HS gym
Monday Nov. 16
8:00 – Skiatook vs Holland Hall (Practice Gym)
8:00 – Collinsville vs Berryhill (HS Gym)
Tuesday Nov. 17
8:00 – Skiatook vs Berryhill (Practice Gym)
8:00 – Collinsville vs Holland Hall (HS Gym)
Thursday Nov. 19
8:00 – Berryhill vs Holland Hall
8:00 – Collinsville vs Skiatook (HS Gym)

This photos shows the new "premium seating" area which will be reserved for varsity games starting in December 2015. See below for information on those new court side seats.

This view out of the south side of the new Commons (to the west of the main building) will be one of the eventual entry ways for the two CHS gyms (via the Commons). Until construction is complete, entry is still from the east side of the high school ... and then a walk down the "senior" hallwayto reach the Commons.
Collinsville 7th Girls -vs- Marquette (Nov. 9th)
Collinsville 7th Girls -vs- Berryhill (Nov. 10th)
The Collinsville 7th Grade Basketball Girls (& Marquette in red) were the first to "break-in" the newly remodeled CHS "Event Center" main gym Monday night Nov. 9, 2015
Entry into the Collinsville HS gymnasium (Cardinal Event Center) is now from the west side (from the new Commons ... with concession and rest rooms shared by both gyms).
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The Junior High Girls will host their basketball tournament in the newly remodeled CHS gyms starting Monday Nov. 9th. The Boys start Nov. 16th. -- JrHi Basketball Tournament. -- 11/9 Update: Skiatook and Berryhill girls will play at CUE instead of HS. Entry for the Collinsville -vs- Marquette games will be the "old" east entry into the HS and then circle around via the senior hallway to the new commons ... until the new commons entry is ready. -- Per Jim Riley 9am Monday
The Collinsville 7th Grade Basketball Girls (& Marquette in red) were the first to "break-in" the newly remodeled CHS "Event Center" main gym Monday night. Check back for additional photos. I don't have names yet and left at half to cover the school board meet. I'll also have conflicts Tuesday (Highway 20 meet at 7pm) and Thursday ... but hope to get at least a sample for 7th-8th-9th grade girls playing this week in the Collinsville Tournament. The boys play next week. -- Ted 8:30pm Monday 11/9/2015
Here are the results of the first two rounds of the JH Girls BB Tournament. -- Jim Riley 11/11/2015

7th Grade Girls

Collinsville 15
Marquette 14

Berryhill 38
Skiatook 15

Skiatook 16
Marquette 15

Berryhill 33
Collinsville 12

8th Grade Girls

Skiatook 41
Berryhill 25

Collinsville 31
Marquette 19

Collinsville 35
Berryhill 23

Skiatook 23
Marquette 11

9th Grade Girls

Berryhill 39
Skiatook 23

Berryhill 24
Collinsville 18

Here is girls tournament info that starts Monday. Our 2nd annual Booster Club Bash will be Tuesday November 24. chili supper and alumni boys and girls game. More info to follow as booster clubs figure it out. Thanks! -- Susie Vaughn 11/5/2015

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7th Grade Basketball Girls -- 2015-2016
Back Row Left to Right: Kelly Ellis (44), Walela Tripp (5), Audrey Scott (2), Faith Curtis (24), Paris Hamilton (12), and Camden Thomason (22).
Front Row left to Right: Laney McBee (11), Sarah Bell (14), Allison Coons (15), Kamryn Stogsdill (10), Jolie Cole (23), and Bailey Murfin (35).
Not Pictured: Reagan Engels, Mia Stephens (33) -- Coach: Katie Winders
Beat Marquette
15-14 Monday
Lost To Berryhill Tuesday