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March 17, 2015
Wilson Elem. Character Kids
Loyalty & Understanding
For 1st & 2nd Graders
Wilson students finished up the month of February studying about being loyal to their friends, family, and to their beliefs. The following students were chosen from their classrooms who represented the character trait of loyalty at the end of January:
First Grade Loyal Students (Feb. 27) --
(left - right) Kyler Lee, Isaac Garcia, Gavin Puza, Tyler Vandiver, Will Bell, Cooper Holly, London Rankin, Stryder Garrett, and Keri Kesterson

Second Grade Loyal Students (Feb. 27) --

(Back row, left -right) Brenna Schubert, Taybri Tucker, Skylan Sink, Emma Baysinger, and Maddie Evans

(Front row, left - right) Cameron Wells, Braxton Amos, and Billy Young

Wilson Elementary students are learning about being understanding during the month of March. We are learning that being understanding means to know or try to know how someone thinks, feels, or behaves. The quote we're learning about understanding is: "Instead of putting others in their place, put yourself in their place." Amish Proverb. The following students were chosen from their classrooms who represent understanding:

First Grade Understanding Students (March 6) --
(left-right) Avery Cotton, Ava Martinez, Ryder Stanbro, Ally Risley, Kalee Crawford, Luke Wimberley, and Addison Cary
Second Grade Understanding Students (March 6) --
(left-right) Devvyn Richards, Andrew Vang, Jaxon Oslin, Jacob Moreland, Kennedy Guest, Chloe Newman, and Ryan Hedges
-- Submitted by Lee Ann Due (3/13/2015)

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