Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 13, 2015
CHS Football Banquet
Remarkable Season Finish For 2015 CHS Football Cardinal "Family"
5A State Runner-Ups
Had 8-5 Record After 1-3 Start
The football team gave Head Coach Kevin a large "Family" sign, which was the theme of this season, and smaller "Family" signs to the assistant coaches.
CHS Football Senior Polo Patterson was named the first winner of the "Brian Phillips Character Award" by Coach Kevin Jones at the QB Club's football banquet Sunday night in Owasso. -- (More on Coach Phillips)
The core members of "The Trap" student section were honored for their contribution to the CHS football program and support for all other CHS teams also.
Head Coach Kevin Jones spoke about the remarkable 2015 season and presented awards. Bob Cottingim received a special game ball for his contributions to the team and QB Club.
The CHS Football Coaches were recognized for their help in the historic 2015 season. Coach Benham was missing Sunday due to wrestling duties.
The football seniors were the center of attention including their large photo cutouts across the front of the stage.
The stage was full after all the juniors, sophomores and freshman joined the seniors on stage and received their 5A State Runner Up medalions from their departing seniors.
Superintendent Lance West spoke to the parents and players about how remarkable their stretch finish was following the low point with the fourth loss at Edison, and how special these coaches and players are.

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Oskie wow wow Central High
Our eyes are all on you
Oskie wow wow Central High
To our colors brave and true
When the team comes out before you
Everyone stand up and cheer
That’s the team that goes to our school
Oskie wow wow Central High

The CHS football banquet is all about the team and their great season ... but I had a side topic on my mind as it was my first time back in that Owasso Church auditorium since I accidently stepped off the platform (behind me in this photo from tonight) and busted up my shoulder April 23rd, 2015.

Glad to report I left the football banquet on my on power this time instead of strapped to a backboard like the previous time following the spring band banquet. And glad to see that they have since added reflective tape and a hand rail now, so I will hopefully be the last to make that mistake. -- Ted Wright 12/13/2015

(Thank you to Donita Lowe for the assist with the photo.)