Park Board Meeting
December 15, 2015
City Lake Trail Status
Trail Designer Has Visited and Presented Initial Design
Previous Meet
November 17, 2015

Regular Meeting Agenda
December 15, 2015 4:30 P.M.
City Hall Commission Room
Collinsville, Oklahoma

1. Call to Order.

2. Roll Call. -- Present: Jenny Walker, Glen Reser, Kelly Benham, & Ted Wright

3. Approval of Nov. 17, 2015 Regular Meeting minutes. -- Approved

4. Update on Trail at City Lake. -- City Manager Pam Polk reported on the recent visit to Collinsville City Lake by trail designer Tony Boone and showed a drawing of the initial design concept with 3 different trails totaling about 3 miles (at a design cost of $5K). The City Manager is working on potential "Health Community" grants to help pay for the development effort with about $25K. The total cost could be in the $50K - $60K range depending on options. The project could include a volunteer effort to help cut overall costs and might be done in phases depending on funding available. In addition to the basic trails, it is hoped to have parking, a trail-head area with benches and restrooms, and signage, etc. As survey might be necessary to determine the official city property line with adjacent private property. Since it is on city property there would be no smoking or tobacco products allowed. Other details would need to be nailed down before the trail is opened, for example no horses and no ATVs to avoid damage to the natural trail surface designed for trail bikes and foot travel. Also discussed were potential changes to the city ordinances which currently allows no boats ... to perhaps allow non motorized boats in the future (canoes and kayaks) ... on the city's water supply. Fishing is currently allowed, but only from the shore.

Note: The trail names on conceptual drawing are just samples ... subject to change.
Also Note: The city lake is not officially a "park" so the park board is just offering support and suggestions as an "interested party". Nick Mendez has been the driving force to get the trail project kicked off and is working directly with city staff. -- Ted Wright

Collinsville Trails Initiative -- Facebook Page
Fox23 On Collinsville City Lake Plans -- 12/7/2015
Collinsville Trail New Website -- 9/4/2015 from Nick Mendez

5. Adjournment.

pdf version of Agenda/ Previous Minutes

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