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November 18, 2014
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All-State Chorus /
All-District Band
All-State Choirs Announced: Nicole Roller, Molly Sanford & Megan Wallace
Megan Wallace
Molly Sanford and Nicole Roller
OMEA All-State Mixed Choir: Molly Sanford and Megan Wallace.
OMEA All-State Women's Choir: Nicole Roller
Molly Sanford is a 6 year all-stater! This is a very rare achievement! The last one from Collinsville was in 2006! -- Samantha Taylor 11/17/2014
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2014 All-District Band
All-District Band -- JrHi & HS --
(L-R) Justus Getz, Matt Crabaugh, Logan Robertson, Adam Terry, Tanner Robertson, Brooke Oliver, Nicole Schrag, Kelsi Boyce, Nathan Schaffner, Kylie Malone, Jarrett Hayden, Wyatt Fulton, Michael Lester, Dylan Bowlin, and Brenden Marler

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Early First Snow (& Week Below Freezing)
Collinsville (& the nation) got an early taste of winter this year with pre-Thanksgiving temperatures staying below freezing for nearly a week. Sunday (Nov. 16th) we received our first snow of the season with what looked like about 3/4 inch (at least in my yard). A quick trip to city park almost alway yeilds an easy "sleding" photo on the sled hill (actually a snow boarder this time). I was not expecting to see what I asume were senior photos being taken nearby (below) in clothing more appropriate for spring/prom. I'm sure the snow in the background will made a stunning photo though for anyone tough enough to try. -- Ted
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First Snow This Season (about 3/4 inch?) Sunday November 16, 2014 ... on 107th anniversary of Oklahoma Statehood -- 11/16/2014
Weatherman says we may stay below freezing for a week ... with the big temperature drop starting Monday evening. Folllowing a balmy week end with 70+ afternoon temps.-- 11/10/2014
Previous "First Snows":
This year's Nov. 16th and 2005's Jan 28th are the extreme dates so far in my unofficial tracking since I started cvilleok 12 winters ago, -- Ted Wright