Park Board Meeting
November 18, 2014
Meeting Moves To City Hall
Re-Look Bird Dropping Solutions

Re-Look Sculpture Location

Basketball Court

Skate Features

Creek Improvements
Previous Meet
Oct. 21, 2014
Note: Due to the extreme cold the meeting has been moved to City Hall instead of the park as had been previously discussed. -- Ted


Regular Meeting Agenda
November 18, 2014 4:30 P.M.
Collinsville City Hall Commission Room
Collinsville, Oklahoma

1. Call to Order.

2. Roll Call. -- (Present: Kelly Benham, Jenny Walker, Glen Reser, Ted Wright) & (Absent: Adam Steidley)

3. Approval of Minutes from October 21, 2014 Regular Meeting. -- Approved

4. Discussion and possible action on solution for bird droppings on tables at large pavilion. -- No action, as further discussion produced no viable solution to prevent the dropping. Park staff already routinely checks for and cleans up as required.

5. Discussion and possible action on sculpture location. -- Approved, an additional potential location for the 27 foot tall Wade Nachtigall sculpture. The alternate location is on the south east portion of the park between the small pavilion and the sled hill. The original location (which might still be used) is on the west side of the park near 19th Street between the entry sign and the splash pad area. The proposed sculpture placement will likely be a city commission agenda topic soon for their consideration.

6. Discussion and possible action for additional fencing at basketball court. -- Postponed, pending additional information. New fencing was already added to prevent the ball from rolling down the hill. An additional section of fencing is being considered on the west end of the court as a small gap still exists..

7. Discussion and possible action for additional features at Skate Park. -- Approved, "reserving" the area just east of the existing skate area for some type of (currently unfunded and undefined) skate feature(s) at a medium/low priority in relation to other pending projects..

8. Discussion and possible action for suggestions for creek improvements. -- No action, but on going discussion helping to refine a potential future recommendation. Use of and cost/source of large rocks was one topic this month. Controlling unwanted plant growth along the creek is also an on-going topic of discussion.

9. Discussion of future park improvements. -- topics suggested for future agenda items:
* reconsider location of sand volleyball court
* Nick Mendez has offered to lead an effort to help clean up and help make the city lake a more family friendly place to visit and enjoy. The city lake is north east of town and has a number of restrictions on it's use (no swimming or boating ...for example).
* future meeting will likely be moved to the upstairs city hall conference room (instead of the downstairs large meeting room)

10. Adjournment. -- 6:24pm

Posted Nov. 14th

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