Collinsville, Oklahoma
June 17, 2014
PLACs Hosted Candidates
State School Superintendent Candidates Gathered At Owasso HS
Hosted By PLACs of Collinsville, Owasso, & Oologah-Talala
Ted Mini Editorial: I attended the State School Superintendent Candidate Forum ... and the "anyone but Barresi" choice is obvious (to me and that audience) but who to replace her with is not so obvious. It appeared to me than any of the 4 democrats and 1 republican that answered questions Tuesday at Owasso (Barresi did not attend) would go a long way to repair the damage of the past 3 years but it will be your decision to pick the best from that group when you vote June 24th. -- Ted Wright 6/17/2014

I may have a bit more to say later on the superintendent candidates later. Those in attendance at Owasso were: Democrats (Freda Deskin, Jack Herron, John Cox, and Ivan Holmes) & Republican (Joy Hofmeister). -- Ted 6/17 10:40pm

June 20th Ted Wright Editorial Add-On:
I'm not going to say anything else on any of the individual candidates above but did want to vent on the following two topics:

1) If you rely only on political attack advertising for your ballot selections you face the nearly impossible task of guessing if a candidate (for any office in any race in recent years) is either
-- A) an honest, genuis, patriot, saint
-- B) a lying, cheating, idiot, communist, devil's spawn
as consecutive commercials 30 seconds apart would like you to believe.
So please take the time to do at least some independent research from something other than an attack ad (where millions of dollars are spent by now unknown individuals and corporations ... many from outside this state).

2) Only within the last 6 months or so did I learn that there were organizations and individuals that want public education to fail. That concept seems so foreign and unbelievable that I have waited to speak on the subject. I don't know specifically if/how that has played a hand in the disaster that has hit public education in Oklahoma in the past few years ... but it certainly makes me think differently about some people's motivation. From what I have gathered the motivation is greed (i.e. how can I or my corporation siphon money now going to public education into my own pocket ... with little regard for the impact on the students or teachers in public education).
Again I need to do more research (and now can't find that link that finally made it all clear to me then) ... but will cite Dr. Ivan Holmes' campaign info below ... you can google 'ALEC".

Previous Coverage:
June 17th: 6:30pm – 8:30pm Meet State School Superintendent Candidates (at Owasso High School PAC)
Sample Ballots For June 24th State / Tulsa County Primaries:

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All four Democratic candidates for State School Superintent were present and answered questions at Owasso H.S. Tuesday June 17th. L-R: Dr. Freda Deskin, Dr. Jack Herron, Dr. John Cox, and Dr. Ivan Holmes.
Vote Tuesday June 24th
State Primary Also Includes Governor, Both U.S. Senators, Tulsa County Offices, ... depending on your party
Joy Hofmeister was the only one (of 3) Republican Superintendent candidates at Owasso Tuesday. Current office holder Janet Barresi did not attend, nor did Brian Kelly.
If this is your first time to vote in an Oklahoma primary ... don't be surprised when you only see one of the ballots below ... you don't get to choose multi-party candidates until the general election in November