Park Board Meeting
January 21, 2014
Prioritize Future Projects
Public Option For Security Video Rejected
Previous Meet
Dec. 17, 2013

Regular Meeting Agenda
January 21, 2014, 4:30 P.M.
City Hall Commission Chambers
Collinsville, Oklahoma

1. Call to Order.

2. Roll Call. -- (Absent: Reser & Tidwell) - (Present: Steidley, Hunt & Wright)

3. Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes for December 17, 2013 Regular Meeting. -- Approved

4. Discussion and possible action on Security Video at City Park. -- Approved, a motion to keep the video out of the general public view rather than being broadcast. Privacy and liability concerns out weighed a potential for public "help" in monitoring the park.

5. Discussion and possible action to review and prioritize outstanding proposed projects. -- Approved: The outstanding projects were placed in 4 categories:
[1] High Priority Projects (In progress or wanting to starting soon)
* install of 2nd set of playground equipment (now in storage)
* sand volleyball court
* horse shoe pitch area
* trail lighting (phase 1)
* additional small shade structures (near splash pad seating)
* install benches & tables & grills
* new trees (see Home & Garden Show news at city commission meet)
* install / assemble statue (see status below on this page)
[2] Middle Priority Projects
* Frisbee golf course
* trail lighting (phase 2)
* additional parking
* new storage-maintenance building (when old pool building torn down for new parking area)
* park access from north 19th St. (bridge/walkway improvements)
[3] Low Priority Projects
* creek improvements
* additional restrooms
* additional shelter or other feature (where former Kiwanis hut was located)
[4] On Hold / Off Priority List
* pond / rain garden
* community center

Wade Nachtigall (creator of the proposed park statue) was present during the project priority discussion. He provided additional details on the anchoring and assembly of the status that has been in storage since 1993. Wade (a CHS grad & son of Tharyn & Marsha Nachtigall) is donating the steel sculpture and installation oversight. The city is to provide the hole and concrete and engineering review.

6. Adjournment.

The park board meet will be limited to 1 hour as the City Commission meeting starts at 5:30pm Jan. 21st where the park shelter reservations/fees will be considered.

Ted Wright comments in purple.'s
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1 new item (new play equipment near pond in right purple circle) & 3 "old" items in new locations (L-R purple circles: potential statue, horseshoe pit, and sand volleyball) ... from December 2013 meeting.