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Feb. 4, 2014
2014 CHS Grad Pages Kickoff
2014 CHS Graduates Will Each Have An Individual Page On
By May 1, 2014

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Frequently Asked Questions
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I've been taking and collecting photos for some of these 2014 Seniors since they were in elementary. For a few others, this senior group photo taken 10/29/2013 may be the first time they have been before my lens. By the time the 2014 grad pages (one for each graduate) go online at on May 1, 2014, I will hopefully have a representative set of photos for each summarizing their Collinsville school experience. In order for those pages to be the best they can be, I could use the help of each student and/or parent over the next few months.

Photos from students and parents I need additional photos submitted to me ( that I wouldn't already have from CHS sports, band, or other activities which you see updated daily on cvilleok. These photos can be of any (family friendly) subject ...including work, hobby, car, pet, family, friends, favorite teacher, church, scouts, ... etc. Please, I can't accept any more than ~6 submitted photos per senior. The sooner I get them, the more time I have to organize and edit them into place. If you take an additional "favorite" photos later, you can still send that along also. I have draft pages started for this year's students (only on my computer until May). I hope to meet with each senior in the coming weeks to show the progress so far (2nd grade through 7th grade years photos so far from cvilleok) and ask them for photos and suggestions. If you have prints but no scanner or email ... let me know.

Advertisements & Family Messages: Starting with the 2012 pages I no longer sell advertisements for senior pages but will accept (for free) brief congratulations messages from family sent via email (but keep them very brief please). And there is never a cost to students or parents for these pages.

Note: These pages have typically had photos of the student only ... but I'm always happy to receive photos, art work, messages, etc created by the student also to improve the uniqueness of their pages.

Note: I have the junior yearbook (LifeTouch) photos for seniors already on their pages. If you have senior photos (or cap & gown photos) made elsewhere please send me a copy of your favorite. If you want me to take one (for free) just let me know, but note I am not a fancy portriat photographer.

Facebook: I've been on Facebook for a few years now and have been friended by a remarkable number of CHS students. I don't ask to be friends, but accept when I recognize a Collinsville student (or parent). I have been fasciniated by the variety of photos that I have seen of (& by) many of you. When I see a good Facebook photo I might add to the student's page but they are welcome to replace if they don't like my choice.

-- Ted W.Wright -- February 4, 2014

Check back to this page for additional updates over the next few months
Graduation Video
I am also working the video/slideshow that will be shown on the TU overhead screen just prior to the graduation ceremony in May. I can hopefully let each student preview (or help create) their portion of the show when they preview their senior page.
If you think February is too early to be worrying about this, please consider that I have been working (generically) on these pages for a decade (taking photos). If you wait until the final days before May you are fighting with the late flurry of cap & gown photos, prom photos,
senior tea, and spring sports / senior night photos ... for example and as important as "your" kid is ... I "have" about 170 kids and 2 full-time web sites. -- Ted
Seniors & parents are invited to email photos (please no more than ~5 and by early April) to to be included on their page.
Check back for info on photo CDs ... which are totally separate from the senior pages described on this page. -- Ted 2/4/2014
Note: I will be delaying the online release until at least May 5th ... and they will not be complete then. -- Ted 4/21/2014