Collinsville, Oklahoma
April 17, 2014
CHS Soccer Team Photos
2014 Collinsville High School Boys & Girls Soccer Teams
(Varsity & JV)

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2014 Pink Out / Senior Night -- Varsity Girls -- (L-R) Front Row Seniors: Dalia Perez, Jennifer Smith, Dannielle Tally, Kayla Deleon, Matilynn Bird , Taylor Glenn, and Aubrey McCutchan. Back Row: Caroline Bird, Joelle Nelson, Angelica Lopez, Jessica Jackson, Lauren Wilson, Paige Luper, Megan Bell, Meghan Royall, Shelby West, Kaylee Sykes, Elizabeth McGowan, Chelsea Cash, and Katie McGowan.
2014 Varsity Boys -- (L-R) Front Row: J.B. Hamm (Goalie) -- Middle Row: Head Coach Marcus Martinez, Bryson Pahukoa (3), Cesar Leandro (22), Zach Bunch (7), Ryan Heiden (24), Xavier Zelis (21), Tyler Rairdon (33), Blade Nelson (28), and Coach Justin Schubert. -- Back Row: Sergio Perez (4), Gage Powers (1), Rylan Dilling (13), Chase McColley (20), Jordan Cate (0), Tyler Cleveland (12), Matt Khalil (11), Nick Salazar (9), Matt Hicks (10), and Paul Lor (16).
2014 Senior Trainers (L-R):
Jacob Shaw & Zach Hubbard
[Trainers not pictured: Meghan Royall & Lindsay O'Rourke]
JV Girls (L-R) -- Front: Elle Tally (14) -- Middle Row: Coach Stacey Dutton, Jessica Jackson, Caroline Bird, Katie McGowan, Chelsea Cash, and Head Coach Justin Schubert. Back Row: Angelica Lopez, Joelle Nelson, Elizabeth McGowan, and Kelli Edwards.
2014 Senior Boys -- (L-R): Lai Lo (30), Zach Bunch (7), Jordan Cate (0), Ryan Heiden (24), J.B. Hamm (Goalie), Tyler Cleveland (12), Matt Khalil (11), Nick Salazar (9), and Matt Hicks (10).
JV Boys -- (L-R) -- Front: Gage Powers (Goalie) --
Middle Row:
Anthony Thoa, Richard Moua, Paul Lor, Angel Perez, Xavier Zelis, and Isaac Overstreet.
-- Back Row:
David Moua, Justin Prather, Tony Xiong, Joseph Pitts, Elijah Tanner, Justin Spencer, Jon Ray, Bailey Hewitt, and Coach Marcus Martinez.
2014 Senior Girls -- (L-R): Aubrey McCutchan, Taylor Glenn, Jennifer Smith, Mati Bird, Dalia Perez, Kayla Deleon, and Elle Tally.
2014 Varsity Girls -- (L-R) Front Row: Coach Stacey Dutton, Elle Tally, Katie McGowan, Caroline Bird, Matilynn Bird , Lauren Wilson, Kayla Deleon, Elizabeth McGowan, Aubrey McCutchan, and Head Coach Justin Schubert. -- Back Row: Dalia Perez, Joelle Nelson, Angelica Lopez, Jessica Jackson, Paige Luper, Chelsea Cash, Kaylee Sykes, Taylor Glenn, and Megan Bell.
-- Missed Photo: Jennifer Smith, Shelby West, and Meghan Royall (Goalie).