City Commission Meeting
October 1, 2013
Brick -vs- Asphalt Streets

Work Session Agenda
October 1, 2013 6:00 p.m.
City Hall Commission Chambers

106 N. 12th

1. Call to Order.

2. Roll Call.

3. Brick restoration or asphalt at Center Street by Post Office.

4. Pond at City Park

5. Potential Vision 2025 funds and projects.

6. Adjournment

Ted Wright comments in purple:

No Votes or actions were taken but the three topics above were discussed with the mayor and all commissioners present.

3. Brick restoration or asphalt at Center Street by Post Office. -- estimated costs of brick -vs- asphalt resurfacing were discussed for a potential 2 block project from 11th to 13th on Center Street ... including replacing the aged sewer system and the portion of the water lines which have not already been upgraded. Most of the gravel covered areas near the Post Office were once brick before the water lines were replaced between 11th and 12th back in 2011. Initial cost for restoring the historic brick surface is higher than the asphalt option but has the potential to last decades longer. In order to establish a city policy (in general ... not just this specific repair) a citizen committee was suggested to study the options/costs and potential long term historic/economic gain from protecting the ever diminishing brick surfaces in Collinsville that haven't already been lost to asphalt. If you have a strong opinion one way or the other contact the city or your commissioner. Funds for the total project (with either option) are not currently available.

4. Pond at City Park -- this often discussed / never settled topic (at both the park board and commission level) continues with a desire for a simpler less expensive design expressed.

5. Potential Vision 2025 funds and projects. -- When I first saw this agenda topic I assumed it was a rehash of the failed Vision 2 ... but it is the already approved original 2025 sales tax revenue. Several of the Tulsa County cities made a concession to help Tulsa cover an over budget BOK Center with a pledge for payback later in the life of the tax (~2016). This discussion was to identify potential Collinsville projects to be prepared if/when those funds become available.

Park Pond

Potential "new" Vision 2025 Funds Later?


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