Collinsville, Oklahoma
May 13, 2013
Middle School Girls Swept Conference For 2 Years
Current 8th Grade Girls Have Won
All Metro Lakes Conference Championships For Two Years
Volleyball + Softball +
Cross Country + Basketball + Track

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8th grade girls are Track Conference Champs! They won by 4 points! This makes the 8th grade girls Conference Champs in EVERY sport for their 7th and 8th grade years! That was their goal and they did it! What an awesome group of athletes! -- Borrowed from Missy DeLozier's Facebook post 4/23/2013

What an accomplishment the 8th grade girls have made in athletics over the past two years. Five sports (volleyball, softball,cross country, basketball and track) with conference championships in all of them!!!!!

The media would like a picture of everyone involved. Please find all trophies available and some equipment to be in the picture. We have testing this week so lets shoot for a picture on Tuesday (April 30th) during 5th hour around 12:45. Let me know if this works. I will let everyone know of the exact day and place later.

With so many involved we won't wear uniforms. Any thoughts or ideas let me knowl.

Art Smalygo 4/24/2013

JrHi 2-Year Conference Champs -- (L-R) Front Row: Rylee DeLozier, Caroline Blevins, Sydney McCleland, Shelby Raley, Jordan Carney, Ashlyn Calloway, Kaylee Styles, Sydney Vogle, Ravyn Murphy, Becky Smith, Makayla Bowman, Mallory Vaughn, Darci Chester, Gail Young, Quanee Tripp, and Nicki Winton.
(L-R) Back Row: Ivy Carey, Jamie Clarke, Sophie Sallee, Joelle Nelson, Taylor Hardison, Marissa Allison, Ashlyn Ivey, Kayla Beagles, Codie Brown, Shea Thomas, Katlynn Wheeler, Rebecca Harrington, Sami Harp, Jeslyn Crowder, Maddy Roberts, Megan Rice, Brittany Kickapoo, Caroline Bird, and Avery Carey.
Missed Photo: Melissa Scott (Softball 2011).
7th Grade Girls 2011-2012
8th Grade Girls 2012-2013
7th Volleyball Team Photo Coach Susie Vaugh Sept. 2011 Champs
8th Volleyball Team Photo Coach Ryan Christian Sept. 2012 Champs
7th (& 8th) Cross Country Team Photo (1st Season) Coach Kim Myers Dec. 2011 Banquet 8th (&7th) XC Team Photo Coach Kim Myers Oct. 2012 Champs
7th (& 8th) Softball Team Photo Coach Dave Cross Sept. 2011 Champs 8th (&7th) Softball Team Photo Coach Ryan Frame Sept. 2012 Champs
7th Basketball Team Photo Coach Susie Vaughn Feb. 2012 Champs 8th Basketball Team Photo Coach Susie Vaugh Feb. 2013 Champs
7th Track Team Photo

More 7th (& 8th) Track Photos
Coach Rhonda Rogers April 2012 Champs 8th (& 7th) Track Team Photo Coach Rhonda Rogers April 2013 Champs
No JrHi Tennis, Golf or Soccer
8th Boys Are Pretty Talented Also ... Maybe Another story Later? -- Ted
<-- I don't have track names for two years in a row ... if anyone could email with names to match either or both of these photos ... I would appreciate it. -- Ted Wright 5/13/2013
7th Track Team Photo &
8th (& 7th) Track Team Photo
Ravyn Murphy supplied the track girls' names 7/22/2013