Park Board Meeting
March 19, 2013
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Agenda, minutes and draft revised park / city lake ordinances. (pdf) - 3/14/2013

The demo LED light fixture is displayed in the alley behind the fire station (near city hall). -- Ted

March 19th Park Board Results:
Eddie Tidwell was absent.
Glen Reser, Ted Wright, Adam Stiedley, and Cheryl Hunt were present.

The park board approved (a recommendation to the city commission) the $18,334 LED lighting option for the initial city park trail section with 17 (15 foot) poles. That price wasquoted by the Jones Power Company. The city would likely do it's own installation and wiring which would add additional cost for the concrete bases and wire.

The board also discussed a few potential revisions to the draft park ordinance which will be updated and considered at the next meet.
Topics discussed:
* Removing city lake from park board jurisdiction
* clarify that mayor would still recommend park board members (even in a replacement situation) ... subject to commission approval
* clarify if board members tracked the commisioner ward requirements
* clarify curfew hours (same as rest of city)

Ted Wright comments in purple

Potential Lighting For New Trail

Revised Park Ordinances

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