School Board Meet
June 3, 2013

2nd June Meeting Date?
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Ted Wright comments in purple:
1-2) All available board members present (Stout, Ostrander, Oder, & Johnson) with seat 1 vacant.
3) no request to address board
4) minutes approved
5) payments approved
6) approved -- the only fundraiser (for softball uniforms and equipment)
7) tabled without discussion ... expect to have a policy book change ready for July meet
8) approved -- additions since start of year estimations ($801K more to general fund and $16K more to building fund)
9) approved -- nurse services to drug test school bus drivers only (another company tests students)
10) approved Tulsa Zoo contract for 4-12-2014 prom location (students pay for prom)
11-14) Executive session from 7:15 to 8:52 pm
15) Approved re-hire recommendations
16) Resignations accepted
17) Approved hiring of Alison Brown and Amanda Rogers (Speech Pathologists)
18) Approved increasing 2 of the cafeteria lunch prices:
-- PreK-5 Student Lunch (from $2.25) to $2.50
-- 6th-12th Student Lunch (from $2.50) to $2,75
This was to get closer to the USDA recommendations to more closely match the rising food prices.
19) Approved, a list of transfer students based on acceptable academics, attendance and discipline records. More students transfer into rather than out of this district.
20) The board seat 1 was formally declared vacant to allow the board to temporarily appoint a replacement for Donna Sears (who resigned recently). That appointment will likely be made (from qualified May 7th-28th applicants) at the June 24th school board meet. The appointment would be for the periord until the next yearly election.
21) Stacie Byrom was approved as treasurer.
22) Approved investments
23) Approved 3-county certification
24) June 24 (7pm) was approved as the date for the 2nd June board meet

25) Lance West reported on these topics:
-- "catch up" projects mostly this summer (as no funds available for major summer building improvements as in previous years).
-- Federal (sequesteration) cuts now likely closer to 9% (had anticipated 5%)

26) Terry Due reported on these topics:
-- Most administrators will be at conference in Norman Wed-Thurs-Friday this week.
-- Yearly school report cards (by campus) are now available. Cara Jones will report on them at the JUne 24th meet. Excellent results.
-- Several resignations at end of school year. Other than the two positions filled above, the remaining positions will remain unfilled until after July 1 state funding allocations are announced.

Board Seat #1 To Be Discussed

Tulsa Zoo Prom Again

4 Resignations
& 2 Hires

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