School Board Meet
July 8, 2013

Tim Reed Appointed
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Tim Reed
was appointed and sworn in as the newest school board member
Monday July 8, 2013.

Ted Wright comments in purple:

1-2) 4 present: Stout, Ostrander, Johnson and Oder.
3) no request to address board
4) minutes approved
5-6) Tim Reed was appointed and sworn in as the new school board member to fill the seat #1 spot vacated by Donna Sears until the next election cycle. (Previous Coverage)
7) N/A as all members present

8) Approved. The school bond financial information presented (by Andy Davis) was similar to that presented at the previous meeting. He discussed the existing (already approved) bond obligations in relation to the potential $20 million bond vote that the board will put to the local voters at an Oct. 8, 2013 school bond election. A slight (property) tax increase will be required to raise the construction funds for the projects anticipated. The millage rate would increase by 6.66 mills (from ~23 mills to ~29 mills). Among the projects being considered are: improvements and expansion at the high school, a new elementary (4-5th grade) near Herald/ECC. Moving 1st-2nd graders from Wilson to join rest of elementary grades and moving 6th grade from MS to Wilson building. And more ... additional detail and conceptual drawings. --

9) Purchases and payments approved
10) 3 fundraisers approved (2 for Wilson Elem. and a band car wash)

11) Curriculum Director Cara Jones discussed the following testing topics:
* Only slight impact here in Collinsville during the 2 worst days of statewide testing delays caused by the testing vendor ... due to only minimal testing scheduled here during those two days. Lots of other testing occured before and after those days.
* 3rd-8th grade math and reading scores are now available from that state testing. Math was good (including Toni Slagle's class with 100% in Algebra II as an impressive example). Reading scores show need for improvement. Investigation into scores revealed that some data was incorrect (the concurrent TCC enrolled kids were somehow not counted as an example) may lead to some slight modification to final results. The high school results are expected soon.
* NWA Assessment -- students took tests 3 times this year (first year at Collinsville). Provides excellent evaluation tool for teachers and administrators as progress is tracked for years for each student.
* State A-F reports have been studied for making improvements
* Common Core (by 2014) -- teachers working hard... lots of changes to be ready
* Curriculum budgets ... allocating resources where most needed
* CHS math teacher (Toni Slagle) has been chosen to represent Collinsville on a State Department of Education leadership group.

12) Approved (~$800) for excellent yearly "bargain" legal support (especially in the special education laws area)
13) Approved
14) Tabled --- administrators hope to discuss further cost saving options with principals and directors before next board meet. Trying to trim $800K in anticipation of further cuts in state aid. Already have 8 teacher resignations spots that will not be filled.
15) Approved -- a new vision screening policy (4.42) for K,1st or 3rd grade enrollment.
16) Breakfast prices were upped 25 cents to meet CNP requirements. Lunch prices were raised previously.
17) Approved technology plan. Thanks to Larry Meece helping the district "get more bang for the buck" ... technology is less that 1% of the district budget here ... compared to many other school districts and businesses with much higher percentages.
18) Approved the same fall head coaches as last year.
19) Tabled the milk and maintenance services bid actions. Approved the Janitorial Services bid by "Final Touch" which was $48K less than incumbant Multi-Clean's $230K..
20-24) Executive session from ~8:42 to 9:56 ... no action taken
25) Approved a new salary schedule for secretaries and receptionists (~13 employes with total increase of ~$38K)
26) Approved hiring of Holly Southern, Crystal Glenn and Erica Davis.
27-28) Lance West and Terry Due indicated they had covered their topics in previous discussions and gave no additional reports
29) no announcements except All-State games the last week of July and first week of August
30) Adjourmed ~10:04pm

Services Bids

3 Resignations
+ 3 Hires

$20 Million Bond Vote In October For $14 Million For (TBA) Construction

Food Price Changes
(Breakfast Up
25 Cents)

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