Collinsville, Oklahoma
August 20, 2013
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Band Leadership Conference /
Band Booster Sale of T-Shirts & Pancakes /
Pharmacist Builds Marble Machine /
Rendering Plant Steam Roar

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Band Booster Meeting / Fundraiser Info
Boosters had a great meeting on August 13th! We had approximately 25 people present! We covered a lot of information so I am going to try to just give you the important points. You will be receiving a lot of information in the next couple of weeks as we try to get the marching season started

· Concession cleaning party on August 17th @ 2pm

· Tuesday night field practices begin August 20th, 5:30-8:30pm

· First concession stand will be August 24th @ 1pm, will need volunteers to work

· August 24th Applebee’s Flapjack Fundraiser, 8-10am, watch for info on Facebook, and email or contact Sandra Green 918-951-2801

· Sept 3 is Band Preview Night, preview at 7pm

· No car wash on August 31st

· Booster shirts ready to pre-order, watch for more information

· 8th graders will be allowed to start working concession stands, can sign-up once all upperclassmen have signed up.

· Next meeting, September 10th, 7pm at the football field.

-- Michelle Cross
2013-14 Band Booster Secretary

Band Boosters Flapjack Fundraiser

This is the website link for the Band Boosters Flapjack Fundraiser. We need to begin selling tickets. The fundraiser is Saturday August 24th from 8-10am in Owasso. We need volunteers to work, you can respond to this message if you can volunteer, there will be signup sheets in the bandroom, or contact Sandra Green 918-951-2801. You can print tickets directly from this website to sell for $7, people can also pay at the door, but we need to sell at least 100 tickets to have the fundraiser. You can turn in the money to any booster member or to the bandroom.

Michelle Cross (2013-14 Band Booster Secretary)

These are the booster shirts with all the cadets names on the back, these are different from the band shirts. You can contact Jan Isaacson to order or they will be available on preview night also.

Attached is a picture and pricing lists. Payment due when ordering.


Michelle Cross

2013-14 Band Booster Secretary

short sleeve tee $12 for small thru XL These come in womens and mens sizes
$13 for 2X
$14 for 3X
$14 for 4X and so on
long sleeve tee same as short sleeve These come in womens and mens sizes
pullover hoodie $25.00 for small thru XL These are unisex sizes
$26.00 for 2X
$27.00 for 3X
$28.00 for 4X and so on
Zip front hoodie jacket $30.00 for small thru XL These are unisex sizes
$31.00 for 2X
$32.00 for 3X
$33.00 for 4X and so on
Open leg sweatpants $15.00 for small thru XL These come in womens, mens and youth
$16.00 for 2X
$17.00 for 3X
$18.00 for 4X and so on
Band Students Attend Leadership Conference
Section leaders of the Collinsville High School Band attended a leadership conference on August 15, 2013 at Broken Arrow High School. The workshop was led by Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser who specializes in working with young people in developing a desire for excellence and a passion for high level of achievement through student leadership.
Celebrating student contributions to the school on a regular basis provides numerous opportunities for recognition by the staff and peers and reinforces school connectedness. These opportunities are more likely to have a climate that is conducive to student leadership and learning. In turn, student connectedness to school and a positive school climate have been identified as two factors that support superior academic performance and behavior.
Congratulations to these student leaders (from left to right): Micaela Rush, Kendra Mason, Cassie Kallam, Liz Caputo, Amanda Florea, Jonathan Lord, Eric Shockley, Zac Pasco, Brianna Hadley, Bree Cross, Damia Collis, Deianira Conte, Hunter Stevenson, Alyson Byers, Brandon White.

The Collinsville Band Program has approved this press release.
(Richard Newhart 8/19/2013)

Blowing Off Steam?
I have no first hand information (of what or why) but the loud roaring sound heard all across town is apparently from what appears to be steam escaping from Darling Internation (i.e. the rendering plant) north east of town. I was at CHS Volleyball -vs- BTW in the gym for hours and heard nothing until I got home sometime after 6:30pm. Don't know when it started.There were no emergency crews visible so doesn't seem to be a big concern. -- Ted 7:30pm Friday 8/16/2013
The Science Of A Marble Machine
Collinsville Pharmacist Tharyn Nachtigal built a wooden marble machine which found its way into the CHS science class of Charlene Ganzel last week. I was taking photos instead of notes, but recall mention of inclined planes, inertia and gravity as examples of the many scientific features of the wooden "marbles in motion" contraption. I haven't had a chance to tak to Tharyn yet about this specific machine / work of art, but those of you that know Tharyn well understand he can do magic with wood (or a vacant building in historic downtown Collinsville). -- Ted Wright