Collinsville, Oklahoma
April 26, 2013
ECC Walk-A-Thon
Early Childhood Center Playground Equipment Fundraiser

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Dearest ECC Family-

I wanted to express my deepest appreciation for your participation in our Walk-A-Thon…. I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of support you and our community provided our school ! We were able to raise $11,100 to go towards our playground ! I loved the fact that our students were able to participate in an event rather than sell something.

My hope is that the Walk-A-Thon continues to grow and we can solely rely on this event to raise money for our school’s needs. Despite the weather, the children and teachers had a BLAST! It was a definite success!

Your support exceeded all my expectations and greatly humbled my heart! Thank-you, thank-you and thank-you !

Sincerely, Ashley Boomer
- ECC Principal
The long term goal was additional ECC playground equipment but the short term payback was a bunch of sno-cones Friday April 26th.
Additional Information Received 5/6/2013
The Janice K. Pollard Early Childhood Center walked away with more than $11,000 during their Walk-A-Thon fundraising event! We were elated with the family support and volunteers who aided this success! The children, staff, and parents participated in walking, skipping, galloping, crab walking, bear walking, side stepping, backwards walking, etc. Afterwards, children rotated through fun games and snow cones. It was a healthy, fun filled day...all for a wonderful add to the playground equipment at the ECC.

The following prizes were awarded:

Children who raised $25+ were awarded grab bags. Over 200 children received these fun prizes.

Top $ Raisers = Bicycles + $10.00 Gift Card:
Jesse Jackson
Zerrik Burger
Faith Dotson

$40 Gift Card Recipients:
Ciara Smalygo
Preslea Smalygo

$10 Gift Card Recipients:
Justice Edwards
Kayden Ray
Tess Purser
Keira Purser
Jace Okerson
Luke Wallace
Stryder Garrett
Cooper Holly
Ava King
James Jackson
Kailee Seaba
Joely Wise
Mollie Cavanaugh
Timothy Burrows
Body Bays
Bryson Thomas
Kellen Rhoton
Rosalynana Gray
-- Submitted by Diertra Harris 5/6/2013
(Including photos below)

Faith Dotson

Zerrik Burger

Jesse Jackson