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November 29, 2012
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Astronomy Club Started At CHS

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Astronomy Club Starting At CHS
The goal of this group is not to create another science class with homework and stress for its attendants. Rather, it has been started by some students passionate about the Universe and excited to help others have an appreciation for it. The group will cover a variety of subjects such as the following: history of astronomy, modern astronomy, our solar system, formation and life of stars, galaxies, black holes, and more, with the help of former astronomy teacher Ryan Frame. Everyone is invited to come.

*regular attendance is advised because in some ways the interesting lessons build upon the ones before it.
-- Jon Coleman 11/27/2012
Could you advertise this for us. It is going to a great cause. Thanks, Tony Reeder. 11/27/2012
WBO Fundraising Clinic

World Baseball Outreach and Collinsville High Baseball are doing this Clinic raising funds for thousands of under privileged boys and girls.The "Big Bad Brothers" Twins Hitting Coach and Clay Super Scout will be coming to town to clean up all these swings. We'll do great work and the participants will have a lot of fun learning. Hope to see a lot of high school players there as well as the area youth. Coaches kids that want to come to the Clinic are free!

At Collinsville baseball facility Sat. Jan. 5th, from 9:00-Noon


The last two years we have organized, Hitting With The Pro's, Clinics at many high schools across the State with fun and tremendous success. Having one of these for Collinsville Baseball would be outstanding for everyone involved. It would be enormously helpful to very needy boys and girls as well as continued positive reflection on your successful program.

This fundraiser is for an extremely good cause (check out the website: that WBO provides to under privileged boys and girls here in the U.S. and other parts of the world. In addition, we will donate $10.00 per person to Collinsville Baseball for every paying player that attends. All of your baseball coaches are encouraged to actively participate to help broaden their hitting knowledge. This will be accomplished by their exposure to the most current and up to date drills and techniques that they will learn and teach at the Clinic.

For further info please contact my cell: (918) 406-6441

Looking forward to getting this done and coming to the home of the "Cardinals".

Sincere thanks, Bill Springman

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