Collinsville, Oklahoma
May 7, 2012 (online May 13th)
City Transition Reception
Greetings For New Mayor & Commissioners
Thank You's For Out-Going Mayor & Commissioner

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Newly Remodeled Facilities at 13th & Main

Jim R. Dolton
Funeral Director/Owner

Melvin Lowe - Funeral Director
Christy Harris - Funeral Director
Betty Littler - Office Manager-Oologah Funeral Home

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(L-R): Dee Sink (existing commissioner), Larry Shafer (existing commissioner), Stan Sallee (out-going mayor),
Herb Weaver
(new mayor), Bud York (existing commissioner and new vice-mayor), Brad Francis (new commissioner), and Pam Porter (out-going commissioner and vice-mayor).
2012 Oath of Office -- (L-R): Brad Francis, Herb Weaver & Larry Shafer.
City Manager Pam Polk presented a plaque of appreciation for 10 years of Stan Sallee's service to the City: as Ward III commissioner May 2002-2004 & Mayor May 2004-2012.
City Manager Pam Polk presented a plaque of appreciation for 22 years of Pam Porter's service to the City: on planning commission Dec. 1990-May 1996
& as Ward I commissioner May 1996-2012
May 2012 City of Collinsville
City Commission
Mayor Herb Weaver Replaces Stan Sallee
Ward I Commissioner Brad Francis Replaces Pam Porter
Ward II Commissioner Bud York Since May 2008
Ward III Commissioner Larry Shafer Replaced Sherri Davis/Doolin in Jan. 2012
Ward IV Commissioner Dee Sink Since May 2010
------------- ------- -------
City Manager Pam Polk Since July 2005