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Park Board Meeting
March 15, 2012
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DATE: March 15, 2012
TIME: 4:00p.m.
PLACE: Commission Chambers, Collinsville City Hall
106 N. 12th Street

Notice and agenda filed in the office of the City Clerk and posted at City Hall at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, March 12, 2012.
-- Angela McGinnis, City Clerk

1) Call to Order.

2) Roll Call: Pam Webb, Ted Wright, Fawn Ozug, Cheryl Hunt, Trent Rogers -- All Present except Cheryl Hunt

3) Approval of minutes from November 15, 2011 Regular Meeting. -- Approved

4) Discussion and possible action to approve Plan Sketch of proposed Pond feature. -- Approved, the drawing presented by Barbara Tartar of LandPlan Consultants with a combination rain garden and pond inside the area of the planned walking trail on the east side of the park. The approval was for the concept only as there is no current known funding for the project which is estimated to be at least $140,000 for the basic plan. A fountain (for aeration) would be a likely added cost to help keep the water fresh. The maximum depth would be about 10 feet and the outer edges would be walled with a small ledge at about 2 foot depth. A clay liner could be another additional cost after soil testing. The large mound of earth (and trees) (where the band had performed in 2004) and slab would have to be removed to provide the pond depth. That slab and mound were intact in the previous trail design drawing approved at the previous park board meet in November. -- (Other sample pond coverage)

5) Discussion and possible action regarding shade design over play equipment. -- Approved, 2 separate dome shade structures over the two new play equipment areas (but not the swing set) and at least 2 additional nearby (parent) smaller cantilever shade structures with benches.. Again, uncertain funding availability for the approximately $50K+ cost.

6) Discussion and possible action regarding safety barrier at west entrance near splash pad. -- Tabled, after discussion of possible designs to potentially meet the request from the commission (Feb. 20 meet). Options discussed included a low metal fence, a low shrub (requiring irrigation) and the no barrier option previously recommended. Issues discussed included visibility, access, maintenance, vandalism, and the potential depth of sandstone in that area.

7) Discussion and possible action regarding Music in the Park by Duane Boynton. -- Approved by a 3-1 vote. Ted Wright's no vote represents a concern over potential conflict with likely out-dated park ordinances (Sec. 38-60: "Music; Speeches -- No person shall render any music, vocal or instrumental, or deliver any oration, address speech, sermon, or lecture in any of the public parks of the city without permission from the park superintendent, approved by the board of commissioners."). Note: this is just one of many old park ordinances that may need to be brought up to date (in my opinion) to reflect the current park and city needs. -- Ted

8) Discussion and possible action of repair plans for low water entry from Spring Street Park entrance. -- Discussed but no action required as repairs are now well under way. The previous low water roadway at that location was damaged (and closed for months) after years of use and creek overflows.

9) Discussion and possible action regarding removal of “Keep off Grass” sign at Spring Street entry to Park. -- Discussed but no action required. The sign (near the Spring Street entrance) has been in place for years and was apparently installed at the request of an adjacent property owner due to parking issues at July 4th events. That sign will be left in place, noting that the intent is for vehicle parking, not pedistrians in the rest of the park

10) Discussion and possible action regarding Tennis Court net corrections. -- The park board requested that the CHS Tennis Coach be contacted (by Public Works Director Phil Stowell) to determine any required (net) actions that might improve practice facilities for the high school team (which has not scheduled home matches with other teams in the park for a few years).

11) Discussion and possible action regarding Sand Volleyball Court. -- Approved, a hopefully relatively low cost simple quick addition to the park (lower level) which has been on the approved master plans (in various locations) for years but not acted on. There is a potential conflict with the new location (shown approximately in photo below) with a potential parking addition approved on a previous master plan update but it was recommended to proceed with sand volleyball in that area for now.

12) New Business. -- None

13) Adjournment.

December 2011 and January & February 2012 meets had been cancelled due to lack of quorum.
Sand Volleyball /
Low Water Spring St.
Entry Repair
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Collinsville, Oklahoma
Previous Meet (Attempt):
Feb. 21, 2012
Feb. 20, 2012 City Commission meet topics: a barrier near splash pad and shade design for play area