Collinsville, Oklahoma
March 15, 2012
Proposed Chamber Shopping Incentive Program
(Unofficial Pending Board Approval)

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More Action
  2012 -- Feb 22 Promotions Committee Met: Settled on 4 drawings per year, with kickoff at Hogs & Hot Rods in June and 1st drawing in Sept, and the 4th in spring 2013
Mar 15 board Need To Approve Initial Plan / budget Get initial printing cost estimates
next committee meet (TBA) soon Need to visit with city manager on city $ contribution Start member-by-member visits to introduce concept and ask likely participation. Start gathering ~$100 (or less) shopping examples for each merchant and best validation method.  
April 2 city meet Need to present concept to city commission for budget consideration Start discussing with non-members ...
April 5 Chamber General Lunch Present concept to general membership Status preliminary member visits ...
April 19 board Finalize plans / start promos Followup visits with members for final commit / payments / sales items examples / coupons? Start Early Promos
May 3 Chamber General Lunch Final chance to make changes before printer ... rules and dates set Final merchant inputs by May 11 ,,, to prepare final copy for printer
May 17 board Copy to printers by May 23 / pay printer City budget likely final by now?
June 7 Chamber General Lunch Hopefully printed books available 6/7
(& promo signs)
June 8th 5K Run evening event -- sell books
June 9th Hogs & Hot Rods - sell books
June 16th Smithsonian Library Start -- sell ...
Shopping window opens 6/1
June 21 board any adjustments? / more promo / pay promos start accepting entries & validate & store safely
July 5 (city worker appreciation?) more sales / promotions July ~4th Fireworks ... sell books/ promote
July 19 board any adjustments? / more promo Founder's Day prep ...
Aug 2 General
Aug 16 board Aug 16 School Starts ... more promotions
Aug ?? Tri County Fair ...more promotions
Sept 6 General Lunch have $1000 available and drawing logistics nailed down Sept 12?? -- cutoff for entries for 1st drawing
Sept ~15 -- Founders Day (with $1K drawing .. maybe mid-day?)
End 1st shopping window 9/11 $1000 drawing1 at Founders's Day
Sept 20 board make any required adjustments promotions with winner #1
Oct 4 General
Oct 18 board adjust / promote / have another $1000K available


promotions with winners #1 & #2, etc

Oct 27 ?? -- cutoff for entries for 2nd drawing
Oct 31 Halloween Downtown -- (with $1K drawing ... after costume contests?)
... or consider at Homecoming parade or home football game ... unknown date?
End 2nd shopping window 10/?? $1000 drawing2 at ???
Nov. 1 General
Nov 15 board peak holiday shopping?
Dec 6 General
Dec 20 board Dec. 5 ?? -- cutoff for entries for 3rd drawing
Dec. 8 Chistmas Parade (with $1K drawing ... immediately after parade at Plaza? if nice weather or West Main Event Center if bad weather?)
End 3rd shopping window 12/4 $1000 drawing3 at Christmas Parade
2013 January Jan. ?? -- Chamber Banquet
2013 February
2013 March
2013 April April ?? -- cutoff for entries for 4th drawing
Mid April Pre-Prom Downtown Collinsville Event (with $1K drawing ... in plenty of time for students to get to Prom safely at RSU?)
End 4th shopping window 4/?? $1000 drawing4 at Pre-Prom Event
2013 May Start over for 4 more drawing in next year with new members / books / etc maybe add 5th drawing at 2013 Hogs?
Due to lack of spring time crowds ... invented Prom Day (Pre-Prom) event:
Addition $500 prize required (five drawings x $100 to prom students only) get donated? ... and other prizes

Prom parents / grandparents used to gather at HS before prom ... but not when prom moved out of town. Creat event for interested (i,e must be there to win $100) prom dressed students to gather for free photos, free meal, entertainment, ... then $1000 drawing for shoppers (as above). Offer deals for Collinsville dining/shopping ... kickoff next years drawings/book sales?

... maybe charter bus for participating students to prom? as incentive?

... possible tie to post--prom party ... but too late for crowd and no crowd allowed

Other potential spring crowds:
* Mid-May Graduation ... (Biggest crowd) but out of town and distraction from student's time ... unless during half-hour during parent's wait
* wrestling state champ assembly? (Feb/Mar)
* band or chorus concert
* home track meet (April)
* pre-prom style show ... closes shopping window well before prom which appears to be shopping target for spring?
* ???

1) sell books for $5 or $10?
2) book (perforated?) or loose sheets in envelope?
-- and/or allow to print own?
3) Sales tax included in (min) $100 total purchase required

4) Budget guestimate ... pending printing estimate
$1000 printing
$800 promotions
$200 validation equipment (puches / stamps / ??)
$4000 prizes (4)
$500 student prizes (5)
$6500 from $2K Chamber+$2K City+$2500Members

$2500 from members could be $50 from 50 members
list sample sales ($100 or less) on chamber site & book?
At least $50 of purchase must be within Collinsville city limits ... but can be combined with out-of-town (member) puurchase (on same entry sheet)
some merchants may want to participate more than once (i.e. be listed on multipe entry sheets in different categories) ... like gas or food. Pay for each?
Limit to just one utility bill pay? or allow if $10 book purchase for each ... any other limits?
leave entries in hopper after each drawing -- or start clean each time?
who will have time to validate the entries? ... assume they can only be turned in at chamber office during business hours ... secretary or members volunteer to help? possibly at member businesses?
ask customers to take cell phone photo of purchase with cashier or owner as part of validation and also use for promotions