Collinsville, Oklahoma
June 8, 2012
5K Moonlight Run & Fun Walk
1st Annual Collinsville Event Make Possible By The Cherokee Nation
On Certified Course

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668 runners registered for the Friday night 5K race that started next to Sallee Field with 528 clocking finish times. The 5K course started south on 19th Street, then east on Broadway to 6th St, then back west on Walnut St, then another loop north on 19th before tunning back to the finish.
Race organizer Ronnie Neal was out in front of the runners queued up for the start Friday to encourage healthy communities.
Cherokee Tribal Council members Cara Cowan Watts, Buel Anglen and Lee Keener (above) participated.
This Rogers County fittness organization (left) likely had the largest group in the Collinsville race.
These are just a few of the many local participants anticipating the run start.
Travis Wickliffe (Tahlequah) finished the 5K race first with a 17:17 time.
As the serious runners were on the 5K course, a more laid back (shorter) fun walk started in the opposite direction on 19th Street.
This is a copy of my initial coverage Friday night (saved from the intro page) -- Ted

Top Female Finishers:
1) Coree Lenhart 21:19 (Collinsville)
2) Kim Myers 23:26 (Dewey/Collinsville)
3) Kaitlin Benge 24:24 (Jay)
4) Cassandra Hewett 24:25 Collinsville
... and if the age were accurate the 10th place finisher would be remarkable (at age 99?) for Megan Bennett Collinsville at 25:18

Top Male Finishers:
1) Travis Wickliffe (Tahlequah) 17:17
2) ??? .. my photo of male finishers list is out of focus
... will have to get results from another source -- Ted 10pm Fri

I do have a partial list by age group: (below)

5K Results (Partial)
Males by Age Group:

Age 1-8
1) Gavin Bennett 28:36 (Oologah)

Age 9-12
1) Tyler Collins 23:48 (Pryor)
2) Kaden Bennett 25:12 (Oologah)
3) Gray Cloud 27:58 (Vian)
4) Cole Duggar 28:03 (Collinsville)

Age 13-15
1) Braden Brock 18:44 (Kansas)
2) Tyler Peters 21:05 (Collinsville)

Age 16-19
1) Blake Fisher 18:12 (Owasso)
2) ...Owasso
3) ... Okay
4) ... Vinita
5) Dylan Dyer 27:46 (Collinsville)

Age 20-24
1) Travis Wickliffe 17:17 (Tahlequah)
2) Chris Beard 21:55 (Tahlequah)
3) Adam Wilkey 22:40 (OKC)

Age 25-29
1) Justin Franklin 18:14 (Collinsville)
2) Blake McCarter 21:12 (Tahlequah)
6) Adam Stiedly 24:24 (Collinsville)

Age 30-34
1) Toby Buoy 20:01 (Vera)
11) Marcus Foreman 26:31 (Collinsville)

Coree Lenhart (CHS 2012) was the top female finisher with a time of 21:19. She is shown above sporting her race medal at Scoops & Grinds downtown at the after race party. Only 9 males posted better times.
Cassandra Hewett (CHS 2011) was helping before the race by passing out timer chips for the runners. She posted a 24:25 for the 4th best female time.
Race Start (below)
Justin Franklin (center) was the 3rd place finisher at 18:14. He was the top finisher with Collinsville listed as their city.
Eddie James clocked 20:45 as the 7th place finisher. He was followed by Tyler Peters and preceeded by Toby Buoy. -- (Complete list of finishers)
The Silver Dollar Cafe was packed with hungry racer late Friday evening.
Funds raised will support Collinsville Park Improvements