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School Board Meet
July 9, 2012

Field Trip Radius 100 Mi.
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2) Ostrander, Stout, Johnson & Sears Present (With Oder absent)
3) no requests to address board
4) minutes approved
5) purchases and payments approved
6) Approved lease purchase financing (for the church building) with a 10 year term at 4.125% via RCB Bankwith ability to pay off early with no penalty. ~$39K/year for 10 years.
7) Approved renewal of OSSBA membership (for legal services and training)
8) Approved CCOSA membership (additional legal assistance)
9) Approved
10) Approved. Field Trip cost saving policy in place for several years was adjusted from 80 mile radius to 100 miles due to more long 5A related events.
11) Approved -- Tulsa Tech transportation contract renewed
12) Approved, the J.D. Young Corp. plan to consolidate & reduce copier/printer costs.
13) Approved Fall Sports Head Coaches (Same as last year: Jones-FB, Henry-SB, Smalygo-VB, Dutton-XC boys, Stacy-XC girls)
14) Tabled -- (Bank of the Lakes lease for current ESC) ... with move to new ESC planned in Oct. 2012.
15) Approved: Highland for milk, Multiclean for janitorial services and numerous low bidders for a long list of supplies
16) Resignations Accepted
--a) Sandy Riddle -- ossibility she could come back later
--b) Eileen Richardson is going to the Bartlesville school district (9th reading lab)
--c) Charles Anglin -- key member of strong math dept -- switch to Mannford where he lives and kids attend
17-20) Executive Session 8:05-9:34pm
21) Approved negotiations with certified personnel
22) Approved negotiations with support personnel
23) Hirings Approved ... with names listed above ... add Jennifer Burge as the new VoAg Instructor. She had student taught at Adair. Highly recommended from OSU.
24) Lance West's Report:
numerous summer projects at all campuses
* Will likely recommend white board maintenance plan at next board meet (for over 100 units)
* Will likely recommend new bug treatment vendor
* Will likely recommends new filter maintenance plan (First Line)
* Investigating electronic school board system
* Laptops expected July 10th - teacher training required
* Wifi upgrades continue ... will now expand to church (new ESC)
* Online Payments Plus -- hope to implement soon for parent payments (lunch & other) with direct transaction fees between customer and vendor (not the school ... which was PayPal issue)
* New Teacher Evaluation state requirements -- delays and training cost issues -- lots of extra work for administrators (another "unfunded mandate")
* 4 new buses soon -- expanding fense at bus yard to hold them

25) Terry Due's report:
* Board Approved changes to the high schoo & middle school bell times (check below for new times)
-- including moving MS boys athletics to 1st from 4th hour (girls athletics remains 5th hour)
-- High school change includes Freshman Academic Period
* Continued effort to stay ahead of the 2014 Common Core requirements transition

26) Announcements:
* Most All State games start week of July 23rd (soccer and softball have already played)
* Major changes to school web site should be visible to public in next few days. SchoolWorld vendor maintained site is being replaced by (hopefully more flexible) Ted Wright maintained version. The new site is currently under construction and pages will be added over the new few weeks.



Ted Wright's comments added in purple

Fall Sports Head Coaches

Milk + Janitorial + Maintenance Supplies Bids

3 Resignations
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