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School Board Meet
February 6, 2012

Boston Board Convention
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Collinsville Public Schools
1119 West Broadway
Collinsville, OK 74021

All persons interested in attending the Special Scheduled School Board Meeting for Collinsville Public Schools, Independent District I-6, should make plans to attend the meeting at the following date, time and place to wit:

Date: February 6, 2012
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Education Service Center, 1119 W. Broadway Collinsville, OK 74021

The following items will appear on the agenda at the above scheduled meeting to wit:
NOTE: The Board of Education may discuss, vote to approve, vote to disapprove, vote to table or decide not to vote on any item on this agenda.
1) Call to Order and Roll Call of Members.
2) Record of Members Present and Absent. -- Steve Stout absent.
3) Requests to Address the Board.
4) Reading of Minutes – January 9, 2012 Regular Meeting and January 18, 2012 Special Board Meeting.
5) Approval of Purchase Orders and Payment of Purchase Orders – FY2012 General and Building Funds and All District Funds - Approval of Budgets, Reports, Allocations and Investments.
-- Approved
6) Discussion and Vote to Approve Activity Fund Fundraisers. -- Approved ... several are CHS Student Council related
7) Presentation – Copy Machines Analysis Report by Brock Abercrombie with Standley Systems. -- the company representatives presented an analysis of current printing practices and equipment use rates at each campus: 474,804 prints/month at $9378/month cost (not including paper). They then offered a consolidation plan (with less printers 83-> 49, but a few new improved units) and their maintenance with a potential of ~$43K savings per year. No board action was taken.

8) Resignations: -- Approved
a) Lance Lutke, MS, Spec Needs Teacher.
b) Jan Shiever, Herald, 4th Grade Teacher.

9) Proposed Executive Session to Discuss Personnel and Hiring of Certified and Classified Personnel, Pursuant to Section 307 (B)(1) of the Open Meeting Law, O§, so that the Board May Return to Open Session And Vote to Hire or Not Hire Certified and Classified Personnel for FY2012.
10) Vote to Convene in Executive Session.
11) Vote to Acknowledge Return of Board to Open Session.
12) Executive Session Minutes Compliance Announcement.

13) Hiring of Personnel: -- Approved
--a) Jennifer Rupe, Herald, 4th Grade.
--b) Brandi Glasscock, School Nurse, Districtwide.
--c) Libby Inman, MS, Spec. Needs.
--d) Michelle Collins, ECC, P/T Kindergarten TA, 3 Hrs, 4 Mo’s (new position).

14) Discussion and Vote To Approve ONEOK Energy Marketing Company Nomination Order/Contract for the Sale & Purchase of Natural Gas. -- Approved, renewal like last year's at same rate (for high school).
15) Discussion and Vote to Approve RSU Facility Usage Agreement for FY2012 Prom. -- Approved (prom scheduled for Saturday April 14th)
16) Discussion and Vote To Approve AIDS Curriculum and Update. -- Approved, only minor changes from last year. As always, parents have the option to opt out their student with a written request by March 27th.
17) Discussion and Vote to Approve Administrators’ Pay Increase. -- Approved, 2% for principals, assistant superintendent, athletic director, director special services. Does not include Superintendent Terry Due. Similar 2% raise for others was done earlier and this delayed to see if budget would allow.
18) Discussion and Vote for Board Members to Attend National School Board Convention in Boston, Massachusetts. -- Approved

19) Assistant Superintendent’s Report. -- Lance West:
Additional window upgrades at CHS, ... Wilson will be next

20) Superintendent’s Report. -- Terry Due:
* Law seminar Friday
* Things are going well

21) Announcements.
--This meeting was the last for School Board member Joe Hampton ending about 30 years of service in that capacity.
-- New board member Jana Oder attended this meeting as an observer.

22) Adjournment.

This notice being given and displayed by the authority of the School Board of Independent District, I-6, acting by and through the undersigned.

Terry Due, Supt. of Schools

Posted this 3rd day of February, 2012 at 11:30 a.m. on the door of the Education Service Center at 1119 West Broadway, Collinsville, OK 74021.

=======================Ted Wright's comments added in purple

Natural Gas Contract

Executive Session

Copy Machine Analysis

Administrators Pay Increase

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