Collinsville, Oklahoma
February 23, 2012
CHS Baseball -vs- Berryhill
Scrimmage Here Thursday
Regular Season Begins
March 2nd At Skiatook

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There were no numbers worn Thursday (and I don't have a roster with numbers yet anyway) so won't attempt names other than Tyler Ames pitching the first few inning (right) and Stanley Sallee (left) who came on in relief before I left. There was no umpire or posted score for this scrimmage. -- Ted
2012 Collinsville Baseball Cardinals
Tyler Ames Clay Beagles
Tucker George Jeffery Buchfink
Tyler Marcum Jordan Caruthers
Brandon Schmauss Conner Fry
Dalton Hancock
Brennan Doss Braden Hawkins
Tyler Sherwood Wyatt Jordan
Clint Smith Brody McKay
Ryan Young Christian Moody
Blade Nelson
Craig Blevins Alex Shepley
Colton Brewer Breyden Varner
Tyler Cleveland Chase Wilkins
Shane Crossland Trainers
Conner Crutchfield Chancy Coulter
Clint Dawson Stacey Wilson
Jacob Findley Madison West
Zachery Guest Carlie Crutchfield
Zach Hanie Baylee Eigenheer
Gary Olivier Kaleigh Reeder
Stanley Sallee -
Collinsville Cardinals
2012 Baseball Schedule
13th Broken Arrow Away V 3:15
13th Broken Arrow Home JV 3:30
14th Owasso Away V 2:45
16th Bartlesville Away V 3:15
16th Bartlesville Home JV 3:30
18th Noah Home V-JV 12:00
20th Union Away V 3:30
20th Union Home JV 3:00
21st Sperry Home V 3:00
21st Sperry Away JV 3:00
23rd Berryhill Home V 3:30
27th Muskogee Home V 4:30

2nd Skiatook Away V-JV 4:00
3rd Memorial Away V-JV 12:00
5th Skiatook Home V-JV 4:00
6th Edison Away V 4:00
6th Edison Home JV 4:30
8th BTW Away V 4:00
9th BTW Home V-JV 4:30
10th Welch Home JV 1:00-2(5's)
12th Coweta Home V-JV 4:00
13th Coweta Away V-JV 4:00
15th Cascia Hall Away V 4:00
15th Cascia Hall Home JV 4:30
17th Berryhill Festival Away V 1:00 & 3:30
22-24th Catoosa Tournament Away V TBA
26th Pryor Away JV 4:00-2(5's)
28-31st Bixby Tournament Away V TBA
30-31st Cville JV Festival Home JV TBA

2nd Tahlequah Away V-JV 5:00
3rd Tahlequah Home V-JV 5:00
4-5th Pryor JV Tournament Away JV TBA
6th Pryor Driller's Stadium V 5:30
7th Claremore Away V 12:00
9th Claremore Home V-JV 4:00
10th Muskogee Away V-JV 4:30
12th Grove Away V-JV 5:00
13th Grove Home V-JV 4:30
16th East Central Away V 4:00
17th East Central Home V 4:30
19-21st McAlester Shootout Away V TBA
23rd Bishop Kelley Home V 5:00
23rd Bishop Kelley Away JV 4:00
24th Noah Home JV 4:00
24th Noah Home V 6:30
26th Pryor Home JV 4:30- 2(5's)
27th Stillwater Home V 6:00
30th Owasso Home V 7:00

2-5th Regional Tournament TBA V TBA
10-12th State Tournament TBA V TBA