Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 4, 2012
JrHi Wrestling -vs- Sand Springs
Sand Springs JrHi Took Official Match 21-48
And Also Controlled Most Exhibit Bouts

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Jackson Wilson (Hyw) has his Sand Springs opponent seconds from the mat and eventual pin in the final bout of the JrHi match here Tuesday.
Roc Robbins (175 lbs) pinned his Sand Springs opponent.
Tony Conner (132 lbs) pinned his Sand Springs opponent.
Ryce Haymaker outscored his opponent 6-2 at 126 lbs.
Devyn Lyon (89 lbs)
Nick Sunday (98 lbs)
Nate Keim just needed to free one remaining foot to get an escape point to hopefully tie up a 6-7 match in the closing seconds but was not able, even by applying pressure and a few mild kicks with his free foot. It was a situation I don't recall having seen before, but appreciate that both Nate and the referee were careful not to attempt/allow an injury by an extreme kick to the head.
Eli Cook (113 lbs)
Justin Walker (120 lbs)
Justin Prather (140 lbs)
Josh Arnold (150 lbs)
Jordan McDonald (200 lbs)
Cory Cash (162 lbs)
Collinsville Junior High
-vs- Sand Springs -- Dec. 4, 2012
Individual Score Team Score
80 (forfiet) - 0-6
89 Devyn Lyon got pinned 0-12
98 Nick Sunday got pinned 0-18
106 Nate Keim 6-7 0-21
113 Eli Cook 2-7 0-24
120 Justin Walker got pinned 0-30
126 Ryce Haymaker 6-2 3-30
132 Tony Conner Fall 9-30
140 Justin Prather 0-6 9-33
150 Josh Arnold 8-11 9-36
162 Cory Cash got pinned 9-42
175 Roc Robbins Fall 15-42
200 Jordan McDonald got pinned 15-48
285 Jackson Wilson Fall 21-48

Before the official match (above) there were a whole series of exhbition bouts (below):
Holt Ganzel (106 lbs. exhibition)
Clayton McKay
(113 lbs. exhibition)
Pete Flippo (120 lbs. exhibition) 6-2 win
Robert Underwood (132 lbs. exhibition)
Kahleed Thompson (132 lbs. exhibition)
Ben Her (150 lbs. exhibition)
Tristan Flynn (175 lbs. exhibition) 7-0 Win
Dylan Dobbs (200 lbs. exhibition)