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We are an active part of the communities we serve because they are the places we call home. The members we serve live, work and play in the lush rolling hills of northeastern Oklahoma.

Headquartered in Collinsville, Oklahoma, VVEC is a distribution electric cooperative. We provide electric service to residential, commercial and industrial consumers through more than 32,000 meters and more than 4,500 miles of electric line in portions of Nowata, Osage, Rogers, Tulsa and Washington counties.

Among the 26 electric cooperatives operating in Oklahoma, VVEC is the third largest based on the number of meters served by the co-op. Ninety-two employees cover the Cooperative’s more than 3,200-square mile service territory daily maintaining the electric system and providing consumer-oriented service.

Park Board Meeting
Dec. 18, 2012
Meeting In The Park's
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Regular Meeting Agenda
December 18, 2012, 4:00 P.M.
Collinsville City Park
Splash Pad Area

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call -- All Present: Adam Steidley, Eddie Tidwell, Ted Wright, & (Cheryl Hunt, and Glen Reaser arrived during item 4).

3. Approval of minutes from November 20, 2012 Special Meeting. -- Approved

4. Status on Land and Water Conservation Grant. -- Barbara Tartar (of LandPlan Consultants) presented a drawing showing initial plans for the next funded park improvement: A paved connecting trail from the trail currently under construction (from the tennis courts to near the splash pad); 2 new picnic shelters, and additional paved parking on the north side of the road near the basketball court.

5. Status on Trail Construction. -- The park board members walked over to the south end of the new trail and could see the partially paved trail which is expected to be "substantially" completed by the first week of January.

The park board was joined by Pam Polk, Angela McGinness, Steve Tinker and Brad Francis at the Tuesday meet at City Park. (see additional photo below),

6. Discussion and possible action on recommendation for Park Shelters. -- Approved (i.e a recommendation to the city commission): the "Northwest" shelter design with a request for an alternate bid for potential addition of stone columns. The photo above/right shows stone columns that are not included in the quoted estimate ($34,134 for each of two picnic shelters). The slab is also not included in that quote but is covered elsewhere in the Land & Water Grant (see item 4 above).

7. Adjournment.

Workers were smoothing a section of the trail paving just east of the softball field Tuesday Dec. 18th. (Previous Coverage)

Ted Wright comments in purple

Shelter Design Selected

Trail Construction Inspected
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Collinsville, Oklahoma
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Nov. 20, 2012