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School Board Meet
August 6, 2012

Finalize Church Purchase
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Collinsville Public Schools
1119 West Broadway
Collinsville, OK 74021

All persons interested in attending the Special Scheduled School Board Meeting for Collinsville Public Schools, Independent District I-6, should make plans to attend the meeting at the following date, time and place to wit:

Date: August 6, 2012
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Education Service Center, 1119 W. Broadway Collinsville, OK 74021

The following items will appear on the agenda at the above scheduled meeting to wit:
NOTE: The Board of Education may discuss, vote to approve, vote to disapprove, vote to table or decide not to vote on any item on this agenda.

1) Call to Order and Roll Call of Members.
2) Record of Members Present and Absent. -- Present (Memory Ostrander, Steve Stout, Wendell Johnson & Jana Oder) & Absent (Donna Sears)
3) Requests to Address the Board. -- none
4) Reading of Minutes – July 9, 2012 Special Meeting -- Approved
5) Approval of Purchase Orders and Payment of Purchase Orders – FY2013 General and Building Funds and FY 2012 General and Building Fund Reserves and All District Funds - Approval of Budgets, Reports, Allocations and Investments. -- Approved
6) Discussion and Vote to Approve Activity Fund Fundraisers -- Approved (several are Wilson PTO)
7) Discussion and Vote to Approve New Sub-Accounts in the Activity Fund
-- Approved, the new accounting software allows more categories for better tracking.
8) The Board to consider and take action on the employment of Stephen L. Smith Corp. as financial consultants to the School District, for the fiscal year 2012-2013. -- Approved
9) Discussion and Vote to Adopt the 2012-2013 School Year Policy of Not Less than 1080 School Hours. -- Approved (most Oklahoma Schools now use this option as Collinsville has for several years now)
10) Discussion and Vote to Approve School District Accreditation and School Improvement Status Report from the State Department of Education. -- Tabled, haven't received all state data yet
11) Discussion and Vote to Approve Changes to the High School and Middle School Student Handbooks. -- Approved (HS & MS Handbooks)
12) Discussion and Vote to Approve the Deregulation Application for Alternative School. -- Approved (Required for the non-standard hours which contribute to the alternative school's success: 2:45pm-7pm)
13) Discussion and Vote to Approve Contract with My Payment Plus for the 2012-2013 School Year. -- Approved. The new payment system will be inplemented as soon as possible (possibly in September) to allow online payment and tracking for cafeteria payments for students. The software does not interface directly with the parent portal software so there will be two interfaces initially, with a goal to merge themif possible later. School staff will do a manual transfer from one system to the other so payment status might be appear delayed. This system overcame fee collection issues with PayPal.

14) Discussion and Vote to Approve Surplus and No Longer Needed by the School District.
--a) W-W Stock Trailer -- rusted out
--b) Automatic Clay Thrower -- from skeet shooting many years back
--c) Large Box Fan -- inoperable
--e) Furniture, File Cabinets, Projectors, TV and Audio Visual Equip. -- Herald parking lot sale Saturday ... to raise funds for new sound system
-- Approved

15) Discussion and Vote to Approve Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement for the Current Church located at 1902 West Maple. -- Approved, as-is condition ($135K)
16) Discussion and Vote to Approve Tulsa Technology Transportation Contract for School Year 2013. -- Approved (Collinsville transports some Owasso tech students to Sand Springs andOwasso transports some Collinsville students to Broken Arrow and Riverside). Reimbursements may help fund an additional van in about 6 months.
17) Discussion and Vote to Approve Lease Agreement for 2013.
--a) Bank of the Lakes –ESC- 12 payments
-- Approved, although the contract is for a year. The ESC hopes to be in their new (Current Church) location by mid-October. Will give 30-day notice ahead of the actual move-out.

18) Bids and Purchases: -- Approved
--a) Paper Bid for School Year FY2013 -- (Expedex)
--b) Lawn Services for FY2013 -- (Jamie Wilson's $46K bid accepted -vs- renewal with Steve Branen at $57.9K)
--c) Transportation Bid for FY2013 -- State Farm (only bid) ... will likely be last year ... plan to bundle with casualty next year in hopes of getting a bidder.

19) Resignations: -- Accepted
--a) Lisa Moore- ECC Kdg. T.A.
--b) Constance Forehand- Special Needs Para

20) Proposed Executive Session to Discuss Personnel and Hiring of Certified and Classified Personnel, Pursuant to Section 307 (B)(1) of the Open Meeting Law, O§, so that the Board May Return to Open Session And Vote to Hire or Not Hire Certified and Classified Personnel for FY2013.
21) Vote to Convene in Executive Session.
22) Vote to Acknowledge Return of Board to Open Session.
23) Executive Session Minutes Compliance Announcement.

24) Discussion and Vote to Approve Board Paid Teacher Retirement for Certified Administrators. -- Approved (in lieu of a raise) & retro to July 1st.
25) Discussion and Vote to Approve Payments for Early Retirement Benefits for 2012-2013. -- Approved (payments to 14 last year & 17 this year)
26) Discussion and Vote to Approve the Support Personnel Salary Schedule, -- Approved ( provides a schedule of step raises)
27) Discussion and Vote for Salary Increases for the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent. -- Approved (3% retro to July 1st)

28) Hiring of Personnel: -- Approved
--a) Ali Schultheiss Ryder- 1st Grade Teacher -- 2007 CHS grad & former Wilson mentor
--b) Elizabeth Sonnenfeld- HS Math -- via Bartlesville Mid High & Union
--c) Thresa Carney- ECC Kdg. T.A. ,10 mo. 6 ½ hrs. -- pre-Kwith Mrs. Smith (had subbed here before)

29) Assistant Superintendent’s Report. -- Lance West reported on these topics:
* CHS rennovations nearing completion: doors, bathroom dividers, glass in door are main projects still on-going (looks good, paint, lights, tile, 4 room re-dos)
* Wilson Gym -- repainted
* ECC playground revamp
* lots of local contracting for rennovations
* bus barn add-on to vo-ag building and expanded fense to softball back fence.
* WiFi in progress at elementarys
* One CHS paperless classroomin the works
* TLE/teacher evaluations (required by state) will take lots of principals time
* Cara Jones efforts on curriculum and common core
* Decided against whiteboard management contract ... will try internally first

30) Superintendent’s Report. -- Terry Due reported on these topics:
* well pleased with test scores fromlast year but no time to rest
* teacher evaluations will take much more time than in the past
* 2013 was promised as a flat budget year by state legislature ... but State Superintendent has changed the distribution formula so will likely be even less to Collinsville this year (up to $92K less). Expect 25 transfers (across all grades) to help counter some of that loss.
* Middle school had 160 student leave for high school but 228 coming in from elementary this year.
* American Airlines impact unknown yet (to enrollment counts)
* 1995 student count was 1550 ... (2012 student count ~2700)

31) Announcements.-- principals thankful for capmpus upgrades
32) Adjournment.

This notice being given and displayed by the authority of the School Board of Independent District, I-6, acting by and through the undersigned.

Terry Due, Supt. of Schools

Posted this 6th day of August 3, 2012 at 12:30 p.m.. on the door of the Education Service Center at 1119 West Broadway, Collinsville, OK 74021.

Ted Wright's comments added in purple

Declare Surplus Material

"My-Payment Plus" for online cafeteria payments

2 Resignations
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