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August 13, 2012
New Teachers Welcomed
30 "New" Teachers Reported For
2012-2013 School Year
(Some started mid-year)
2011-12 Teaching Subject or Grade
Years Teaching (including 2012-13)
Previous School(s)
Todd Anderson Head Boys Basketball Coach & U.S. History 14 years

Claremore Sequoyah, Tulsa Memorial

Northeastern State Univ. Kristen & Aiden Players Intro
Angela Amey 1st Grade 2 years Sand Springs Northeastern State Univ. Husband: Ryan; Daughter: Rylee (at ECC) .
Jon Benham Algebra One. Geometry, Coach 17 years Locust Grove, Union, Hominy, Sperry NSU - undergrad, Univ. Okla. Masters Wife: Kelly;
Children: Payton, Eli, Brady
Catherine Blevins HS English 15 year Owasso Northeastern State Univ. Husband: Rusty;
Children: Craig, Christain, and Caroline
Emilee Bristol 4th Grade 3 years Broken Arrow Northeastern State Univ. Husband: Johnny:
Son: Jarret (in Kdg)
2005 CHS Grad
Jennifer Burge Agriculture 1st year . Oklahoma State Univ. . .
Kelly Clarke P.E. & Head Girls Basketball Coach 29 years 11 High School + 2 Colleges Oklahoma State Univ. Wife: Stacie:
Children: Kelsey & Jamie
Home Town

Players Intro
Stacie Clarke 1st Grade 20 years Yukon, ... Oklahoma Baptist. Univ. Husband: Kelly;
Children: Kelsey & Jamie

Brian Davis

6th Geography & 8th US History 14 years Tulsa, Bartlesville Southeastern OK. St. Univ. / NSU Wife: Heather;
Children: Hadley, Briley
Brooke Davison 1st Grade 8 years Skiatook Northeastern State Univ. Husband: Matt;
Daughter: Adde
Andrea Deason Social Worker 3 years . Rogers State Univ. Husband of 25yrs & 4 children Loves Social Work
Jodi Gage HS Math 18 years Owasso, Oologah Oklahoma State Univ. Husband: Steve; Children: Denton, Jamie  
Amy Garrett 5th Grade 1st year . Oklahoma State Univ. . 2008 CHS Grad
Brandi Glasscock RN, BSN . . RSU, OKWU Husband: Kurt;
Son: Riley
Jackie Hass 6th Grade Computers 1st Year . OSU + NSU Masters Husband: Adam;
Son: Stoney
Kelsey Hill HS Family & Consumer Science . . Eastern New Mexico Univ. Husband: Clint;
Children: Asher
Ryan Hinckley HS Social Studies 2 years . Northeastern State Univ. Wife: Cynthia;
Children: Aidan, Justice
Philomena Hollingsworth HS English 11 years TPS, BA, Bixby, Earlsboro Univ. Tulsa, Northeastern State Univ. 3 Daughters & 2 Grandsons .
Libby Inman MS Special Educ. 15 years North Carolina & Texas UCO Zoe & Sophia .
Cara Jones Director Curriculum & Testing 11 years Oologah, Collinsville Northeastern State Univ. Husband: Kevin; Children: Payton, Olivia 2007 CMS Sample
Marcus Martinez Biology, Envir. Science, coach 6 years TPS-Madison & Central Univ. of Oklahoma Wife: Dawn;
Children: Lanie, Lexie, Levi
Soccer already
Bonnie Moore HS Geometry 17 years Bartlesville Northeastern State Univ. Husband: Walter (35 yrs); Children: 2 sons & 2 grandchildren .
Sarah Moore 3rd Grade 2 years Sapulpa Northeastern State Univ. Husband: Sam .
Ashley Powell MS Personal Finance 1st Year . NSU & OSU Husband: Ryan; Sons: Hank, Mack, Ross .
Jennifer Rupe 4th Grade 1+ years . NSU / Northeastern State Husband: John; Children: Ashley, Alyssa, Raegan, Jacey Excited to be a Cardinal!
Ali Ryder 1st Grade 1+ years Hamilton Elem. OSU, TCC Husband: Corey 2007 CHS Grad
Amy Schuler Social Studies & Life Skills 3 years Oologah, Starbase Oklahoma Rogers State & OU Tulsa Husband: Richie; Children: 3 .
Elizabeth Sonnefeld HS Math 10 years Bartlesville Central MS OSU & NSU Children: Michelle (Denver Biology teacher), Robert (Air Force in L.A.) .
Cassie Taylor 3rd Grade 3 years Union Northeastern State Univ. Husband: Jeremy; Children: Abby .
Ronnie Tow 7th Social Studies 1st year . OSU 2002 Wife: Ashley;
Son: Parker
CHS 1994 Grad
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Information For Teachers
Photos of CHS Teachers
Several of the new CHS teachers met with Principal Jon Coleman August 7th. Front Row L-R: Bonnie Moore. Philomena Hollingsworth, Catherine Blevins, Todd Anderson. Kelsey Hill, and Jennifer Burge. Back Row: Jon Benham, Marcus Martinez, and Kelly Clarke.
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<- The new teachers introduced themselves and filled out paperwork Monday at ESC.
Several new teachers slipped away before this new teacher photo got organized after the Chamber's Teacher Appreciation Lunch August 14th. L-R Seated: Amy Garrett, Stacie Clarke, Jodi Gage, Elizabeth Sonnefeld, Bonnie Moore, Sarah Moore, Philomena Hollinsworth, and Kelsey Hill. L-R Standing: Brooke Davison, Catherine Blevins, Emilee Bristol, Angela Amey, Marcus Martinez, Amy Schuler, Brian Davis, Jennifer Burge, and Ronnie Tow.