Collinsville, Oklahoma
August 30, 2012
Owasso Cross Country Meet
Collinsville, Owasso, Oologah, Union, Skiatook, Claremore, Pryor, Mannford, Muskogee, Cascia Hall, and Washington Runners
Competed At Owasso Centenial Park
2 Mile Varsity Girls 2nd Place Team (Behind Owasso)
Place Name Time
8th Izzy Cottrell 14:43
14th Ellen Thomas 15:01
16th Mallory Burd 15:10
20th Sara House 15:27
21st Marilla Hayman 15:30
24th Claire Johnson 15:48
26th Lauren Wilson 16:01
2 Mile JV Girls 4th Place Team
15th Hannah Linzy 17:42
16th Tara Cooper 17:49
17th Nichole Richard 18:20
27th Emma Alexander 19:55
30th Baylee Eigenheer 20:30
37th Kayce Thetford 22:37
39th Rebecca Daniel 33:12
2 Mile Varsity Boys 9th Place Team
Place Name Time
4th Dylan Dyer 11:08
14th David Stellfox 11:33
54th Alex Harp 12:47
62nd Max West 13:03
68th Jordan Murphy 13:18
2 Mile JV Boys
(3rd?) Calvin Vogel 12:07
64th Patrick Dooling 16:36
65th Morgan Cooper 16:46
The start of the JrHi girls race looked most interesting as I took my first quick look at the photos taken Thursday afternoon at Owasso. I didn't see it in real-time, but the photo shows Carrington Buoy nearly take a tumble just a few steps past the start line. She apparently recovered as she finished well.
-- Ted -- 11pm Thursday 8/30/2012
Aug. 30, 2012 JrHi Girls
1 Mile JrHi Girls 2nd Place Team (Behind Union)
5th Avery Carey 6:38
6th Carrington Buoy 6:41
7th Ivy Carey 6:44
16th Abby Stacy 7:08
17 Zoe Vogel 7:10
19th Joelle Nelson 7:17
24th Kylie Alberty 7:48
Caroline Blevins 8:06
Allie Dugger 8:07
Sydney Vogel 8:12
Codi Brown 9:02
2 Mile JrHi Boys  
14th James Stellfox 13:56
15th Ethan Thomas 14:22
16th Dylan Myers 14:23
18th Gunther Vonschnitz 14:51
19th Cole Ismael 15:39
  Garrett Dilks 17:09
  Tyler Kirk 17:23
  Jaden Howerton 18:37
  Dylan Keller 22:19

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Izzy Cotterell near the finish of the Girl's Varsity
2 mile run.
Check back later for additional JrHi Team photos . -- Ted 9/3/2012
Collinsville will host it's own meet Thur.Sept. 13 (5pm) Collinsville Open