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April 17, 2012
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HHH Heart to Heart Poker Run (April 21st)

Hannah's Helping Hands, Inc. — Our Mission
We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization providing financial assistance to families with children battling cancer. Many families need help with the most basic needs for their families during this fight for their child’s life. Some must leave work for months and even years to care for their sick child and the financial loss can be devastating. Our goal is to help as many families being treated locally as possible. We help with basic needs such as gas & food cards, groceries, wigs, utility payments, prescriptions, medical co-payments, rent/housing as well as other expenses. Our referrals come from doctors, nurses and staff at a local children’s hospital in Tulsa as well as our local communities.

Attention: CHS Seniors & Parents
If You Would Like Additional Information On These Local Scholarships Contact Paula Bearden At The High School
Local CHS Senior Scholarships

· Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary
· Owasso Community Theater Arts
· Bank of the Lakes
· RCB Bank
· Darling Int. Co.
· Bayouth Memorial
· Nifty Fifties
· Collinsville Education Foundation
· Mackenzie Sunday Memorial
· Bill Campbell Memorial
· Josh Richardson Memorial
· Those 70's
· Floy Sturgis Memorial
· Green Country Chapter Credit Union
· Ministerial Alliance
· NEO, NSU, and UCO Admitted Freshman
· Home Representative Club

CHS Boys Golf results from the
McAlester Tournament:

Matt Coulter 84
Zane McElory 93
Jake Henry 96 ------ TEAM SCORE: 369
Cody Shults 96
Chandler Hunt 124
Patrick Dooling 114

We did not play well, but treated this like a practice round. We go back to McAlester on Apr. 30th for the regionals. Proud of the players and hope we put it all together in two weeks at the regionals.
-- Coach Bob Pratt 4/16/2012
Collinsville Hosts Junior High Track Meet Thursday (April 19th)

Order of Events

Field Events: 12:30 pm

High Jump 9B, 8B, 7B, 9G, 8G, 7G
Long Jump 9G, 8G, 7G, 9B, 8B, 7B
Pole Vault 7G, 8G, 9G, 7B, 8B, 9B
Shot 9G, 9B, 8G, 8B, 7G, 7B
Disc 7G, 7B, 8G, 8B, 9G, 9B

Running Events: 1:00 pm Timed Finals

400m Relay 7G, 8G, 9G, 7B, 8, 9B
3200m Relay 7G, 8G, 9G, 7B, 8B, 9B
100m Hurdles 7G, 8G, 9G
110m Hurdles 7B, 8B, 9B
800 Relay 7G, 8G, 9G
800m Run 7G, 8G, 9G, 7B, 8B, 9B
100m dash 7G, 8G, 9G 7B, 8B, 9B
400m Dash 7G, 8G, 9G, 7B, 8B, 9B
1600m Run 7G, 8G, 9G
300m Hurdles 7G, 8G, 9G, 7B, 8B, 9B
200m Dash 7G, 8G, 9G, 7B, 8B, 9B
1600m Run 8G, 8B, 9B
1600m Relay 7G, 8G, 9G, 7B, 8B, 9B

and Friday (High School Meet April 20th 1:30 start)
3rd Annual Collinsville High School Track Classic

Field Events: 1:30 pm

High Jump Boys, Girls
Long Jump Girls, Boys
Pole Vault Girls, Boys
Shot Boys, Girls
Disc Girls, Boys

Running Events: 2:00 pm Timed Finals

400m Relay Girls, Boys
3200m Relay Girls, Boys
100m Hurdles Girls
110m Hurdles Boys
800 Relay Girls
Mid Medley Boys
(200, 200, 400, 800) (3-turn stagger)
3200m Run Girls, Boys
100m dash Girls, Boys

BREAK (only if needed)

800m Run Girls, Boys
400m Dash Girls, Boys
300m Hurdles Girls, Boys
200m Dash Girls, Boys
1600m Run Girls, Boys
1600m Relay Girls, Boys

CHS & JrHi Track Results From Coweta
Strong finishes and gutsy performances was the theme for the Cardinals Track program last week at Coweta. The JH competed on Thursday and the HS on Friday. As the seasons conference meet approaches, every chance to compete becomes more and more important. The Cardinals Track members didn't disappoint at Coweta. Below are some of the highlights.

This week the Cardinals will host 2 home meets. The JH is on Thursday 4/19, 12:30 start and the HS is Friday 4/20, 1:30 start. Being the only meets the Cardinals will host this year, don't miss your opportunity to support the 2012 Cardinal Track Teams.
Can't wait to see you there!

Coach Tesar
Coach Rogers

7th GIRLS: (Finishing 2nd overall behind Union)

4 x 100m Relay-3rd-Ravyn Murphy, Rylee Delozier, Megan Rice, Makayla Bowman
4 x 800 m Relay-4th-Ravyn Murphy, Rylee Delozier, Megan Rice, Kayla Beagles
4 x 1600m Relay-2nd-Avery Carey, Rylee Delozier, Makayla Bowman, Ivy Carey
4 x 3200m Relay-2nd-Ivy Carey, Rebecca Harrington, Sophia Sallee, Avery Carey
100m – 4th – Ravyn Murphy
100m Hurdles- 6th – Makayla Bowman
400m – 3rd - Avery Carey
800m – 3rd - Ivy Carey
1600m – 3rd - Avery Carey
High Jump – 3rd - Megan Rice
Shot Put – 2nd- Mallory Vaughn, 4th-Jordan Carney, 5th-Sydnie McClelland
Discus – 3rd- Sydnie McClelland, 4th-Katlynn Wheeler

8th GIRLS:

4 x 1600m Relay - 3rd - Megan Bell, Taylor Lawley, Mallory Burd, Chelsey Barton
4 x 3200m Relay - 6th - Megan Bell, Mallory Burd, Taylor Lawley, Ellen Thomas
800m – 5th - Megan Bell
Pole Vault – 1st – Megan Bell, 2nd – Chelsey Barton
Long Jump- 5th – Taelin King

9th GIRLS:

4 x 400m Relay – 2nd – Caroline Sallee, Vicki Kolosha, Tara Cooper, Paige Luper
100m – 1st – Caroline Sallee, 4th – Tara Cooper
400m –5th – Vicki Kolosha
3200m- 3rd – Kylee Whisenhunt
Long Jump – 4th – Caroline Sallee
Shot Put – 6th – Hannah Scott
Discus – 3rd – Hannah Scott, 4th – Emma Tyler


4 x 100m Relay: 4th Celina Kirschner, Caroline Sallee, Casey Dickinson, Sarah Swanner (52.15)
100m: 5th –Sarah Swanner (13.69)
300m Hurdles: 3rd – Casey Dickinson (51.75)
400m: 6th –Elizabeth Blissit (67.09)
1600m 5th – Coree Lenhart (5:45)
3200m: 2nd – Hayley Taylor (11:53), 3rd – Coree Lenhart (12:10)
Long Jump: 2nd – Celina Kirschner (15’7)
Discus- 1st – Alissa Wilson (106’4)


4 x 100m Relay-3rd-Justin Prather, Blake Burd, Seth Boomer, Chandler Cole
4 x 400m Relay-3rd-Blake Burd, Seth Boomer, Chandler Cole, Noah Salazar
4 x 800m Relay-5TH-James Stellfox, Nate Keim, Noah Salazar, Jaden Howerton
100m- 2nd -Blake Burd
110m Hurdles-2ND-Seth Boomer, 3RD-Chandler Cole
300m Hurdles- 4th –Chandler Cole, 6th – Seth Boomer
Long Jump- 4th - Nick Sunday
Pole Vault- 5th – Trent Flannigan
Shot Put- 4th -Devin Gray, 5th -Nick Taylor
Discus- 2nd - Nick Taylor, 4th -Devin Gray


4 x 100m Relay-5th –Corbin Ogden, Marc Tillman, Tyler Rairdon, Ryan Lecrone
4 x 400m Relay-4TH-Ethan Davis, Sheaffer Smith, Tyler Rairdon, Trevor Brown
4 x 800m Relay-4TH-Zack Sellers, Sam West, Josh Arnold, Roc Robbins
100m- 2nd -Sheaffer Smith
800m- 5TH -Zack Sellers
1600m- 4TH -Zack Sellers
110m Hurdles- 2nd – Marc Tillman
300m Hurdles- 5th – Marc Tillman
Long Jump- 6th – Brandon Lowe
High Jump- 6th – Sam West
Pole Vault- 1st –Sheaffer Smith, 4th – Marc Tillman


100m- 2nd – Ryan Haymaker
200m- 2nd – Ryan Haymaker
Shot Put-2ND-Justin Kothe
Discus- 2nd -Justin Kothe


4x400m Relay: 6th – Dylan Dyer, Isaac Dyer, Kendal Curtis, Trevor Townsend (3:38)
800m: 2nd – Dylan Dyer (2:00), 5th – Isaac Dyer (2:03)
High Jump: 2nd – Kendal Curtis (6’2)
Pole Vault: 1st – Jake Barton (13’)

-- Kim Myers (4/16/2012)
Not sure how much wind it took (or when it occurred) as the root system seemed quite decayed but this tree in City Park narrowly missed the swing between the skate park and the tennis courts. -- Ted 9:25pm Monday 4/16/2012