Collinsville, Oklahoma
April 13-15, 2012
Pre & Post Prom Activities
Friday: "Crash Court" with District Judge /
Sunday: Party Including Hypontist Show

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Hypnotist Dr. Don White was just starting to "warm up" the audience at the CHS after prom party at about 2am Sunday and completed the hilarious show at about 3:30am.
Students Were Warned of the Impacts Of Drunk Driving (Friday) Before Prom
"Crash Court" In Session At Collinsville High School
Two actual drunk driving defendants were sentenced and removed in handcuffs to serve jail time (in addition to probation and possible other charges and fines) in a brief remote session of Tulsa County District Court Friday at Collinsville High School. The audience consisted of prom bound / driving age CHS students.
Hon. Judge Mark Barcus presided over the court session and the message to the students of the impacts of bad decisions related to drinking and driving.
This lady related the painful and life changing experience of losing her twin sister to a drunk driver years ago.

Plenty of pizzas and other refreshments, entertainment, and prizes rewarded the students that chose the safe post prom environment at the high school starting at midnight Saturday (after the Prom at RSU).
A band provided music in the gym early Sunday morning.
These student volunteers became part of the hypnotist show and were promised they would feel well rested when the show was over.
Performing with the symphony orchestra ...
Hypnotized "Laugh Cop"