Collinsville, Oklahoma
September 22, 2011
Miscellaneous News
Double Stoplights /
Safer Homecoming Parade /
Poetry Group Potential /
Pollutant Collection In November /
S-Curve Drainage

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More In Your Face ...
The number of stoplights doubled at the intersections of Main Street with 10th & 11th Wednesday Sept. 21, 2011. Two apparently bright shiny new light fixtures were added at 10th and an old one moved to 11th to have the lights directly over the lane in each direction instead of a single fixture in the center.
No Candy Toss At Homecoming Parade
The Homecoming parade will be Friday Oct. 14th at 3:30pm. Line-up will begin at 2:30 at Collinsville City Park. This year NO CANDY or any other items will be allowed to be thrown during the parade. I know this change will not be a popular one, but it is for the safety of the young spectators that this decision was made. This decision was made by the officers of the Collinsville Police Department, school administrators and the parade sponsor. There have been too many close calls where children have darted out in front of moving vehicles to get candy off of the streets. This new rule will be enforced so please DO NOT BRING CANDY OR ANY OTHER ITEM TO BE THROWN to the parade line-up. If you have any questions please contact the parade sponsor, Missy DeLozier, by email: (9/21/2011)
Poetry Interest?
The Collinsville Library staff would like to see if there is an interest in the area for a poetry group. We are inviting all who would be interested in pursuing the idea to join us during our monthly Comedy of Errors Book Group Discussion. COE meets on October 11, 2011 at Noon in the Collinsville Library Meeting Room at 1223 W. Main. Our phone number is 918 549-7528.

The poetry group could decide date and time for meetings, how you want to conduct your meeting, invite local poets as guests, and even write a bit of your own poetry.

If that time is not good for you but you want more information let us know via FB or email -- (9/21/2011)

Tulsa State Fairgrounds Pollutant Collection Set for November 5-6, 2011
Gate 7 (15th & Sandusky) 10am-3pm
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New S-Curve Drainage Work Continues
This view is facing west with a new culvert under 17th Street (near Piggly Wiggly) in the foreground.-- 9/20/2011
I believe that's the same area where the gas line cut occurred last week (below). -- Ted
Received word that a 2" natural gas line was compromised at the corner of 17th & Main by road construction crew. ONG and Collinsville FD have responded and line is being repaired. Traffic was temporarily rerouted. The line break occurred on the north side of 20. Traffic will be open on Hwy 20 however turning north onto 17th from Hwy 20 (Piggly Wiggly) will be prohibited until sometime tomorrow due to ONG ditch inspection protocol. -- Thanks, Phil Stowell (City of Collinsville) Wednesday 9/14/2011 -- 4:40pm
Additional Stoplight Information From The City

You probably have noticed the new traffic lights installed at the 10th and Main intersection as well as two traffic signals now located at the 11th intersection. Both sets of lights are now illuminated with LED. There was a big safety issue with the older lights not being bright enough to see if the sun happened to be behind you as you approached the intersections. People -and myself included – have chosen to turn right if we were westbound in the morning hours instead of guessing if the light was red or green.

The city did however have to comply with state rules of illumination if we chose to upgrade the traffic signals. There is a minimum “lighted surface” requirement that dictated we had to make a choice of either larger signal lights with larger lenses or two smaller signal lights at each intersection. The city’s primary desire was to preserve the old traffic signals as best we could because of the historical attachment with the community. City staff also found that the larger signal lights would hang lower in the intersections and thus require the installation of taller poles – a significant cost investment. The City was able to work with Signal Tech to retrofit the historic signal housings with upgraded LED illumination. Because we are required to have two signal units at each intersection to comply with the lighted surface area requirement it was decided to install both of the historic signals at the intersection of 11th Street. The units located at the 10th Street location are new inside and out.

As for the difference in color (green vs. yellow housings)? Green was not offered as an option with the new units. Whereas the new unit housings are composite material and the historic units are metal, we will pursue having the green housings painted yellow for continuity. Paint adheres better to metal. Public feedback to the change has been positive. I drove westbound at about 7:30 this morning, the sun was behind me and there was no guessing what color was shining at the intersection- a very big difference. I’m very satisfied with the upgrade to public safety and the fact that we still have our historic signal lights up and doing their job better than ever!

Thank you!

Phil Stowell

Public Works Director

City of Collinsville Oklahoma

918-371-1010 Extension 2028

Added 9/23/2011