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October 6, 2011
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Haley Ganzel Has Movie Role In
Cowgirls N' Angels"
last spring, our daughter haley ganzel (jr at chs) got the opportunity to be in a movie. the producer first contacted us back in jan. for her to do the trick riding stunt doubling for the other actresses. by march, haley and holt (little brother - now 6th grader at cms) were both contracted to do the trick riding stunt work for cowgirls n' angels. we later got a call asking if haley would audition for a role in the movie. 2 weeks later, she was offered the role of "Rose". she spent about 35 days on set- it was shot in stillwater, guthrie, and pawnee. she was on the "first team" and had the experience of a lifetime. she is now sag accredited and is listed on imdb. the first trailer came out this past week. there are supposed to be more to come. everyone in the movie all have several credentials except for haley- but that's not bad for a small town kid that has never even been in a school or church play:) she should be seen in several scenes and she has a few lines as well. the movie should be out next spring or early summer. the trailer can be viewed on facebook or youtube: cowgirls n' angels. she is in the trailer a couple of times in scenes as well as the trickriding stunt work. thanks for letting me share....
j. paul & charlene ganzel (10/6/2011)
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Internet Safety Class Oct 10th 7pm
Last month the Collinsville Ministerial Alliance had a great presentation from Doug Gorden, a volunteer with OATH (Oklahomans Against Trafficking Humans). He gave a sobering report about the problem of child abduction and human trafficking taking place right here in our state. Oklahoma ranks 4th in the nation for human trafficking, right behind California, New York and Texas. You can learn more about this and resources that can help by going to

One of the additional things he presented was that the number one way predators are contacting children is through the internet. As a result, the Alliance has decided to host an "Internet Safety" class for parents that OATH has put together . The date for this event is Monday, October 10th at 7:00 p.m. and Faith Fellowship Church (13502 N 119th East Ave, Collinsville, OK) has graciously offered their fellowship hall for this event. This is could be an important event for everyone in the community, but especially for parents of pre-teen and young teen children. Thanks you for helping us get the word out about this event.

Pastor Brian Mangan
Alliance President
Meadowcreek UMC
(918) 371-3250
(Oct. 6, 2011)

Nailed It
Hopefully this is an old problem (at 11th & Broadway) as the city no longer allows sign postings on the public utility poles. Don't really notice it unless you walk by closely, as I did on a short walk to Charlie's Park Sunday (Oct. 2, 2011). -- Ted
CHS "The Situation" video 2/9/2012 with Haley Ganzel movie interview