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City Commission Meeting
May 23, 2011
Hogs Beer Sales Clarified's
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The special session of the City Commission made a slight adjustment to the location as the VFW Ladies Auxilary meeting ran late and the normal meeting room (just beyond the doors in the back of this photo) was unavailable. A few chairs were rounded up and the meeting was held in the hallway. Several Collinsville merchants interested in beer sales at Hogs 'N' Hot Rods were present for the discussion Monday.
FYI: Beer sales controversy for Hogs 'N' Hot Rods prompted another rare location change (to the CHS gym) for the city meet in April 2003.


DATE: May 23, 2011
TIME: 7:30 p.m.
PLACE: Commission Chambers, Collinsville City Hall
106 N. 12th Street

Notice and agenda filed in the office of the City Clerk and posted at City Hall at 4:30 a.m. on Thursday, May 19, 2011.
Angela McGinnis, City Clerk



1. Call to Order

2. Flag Salute

3. Roll Call: Mayor Stan Sallee was absent. Pam Porter presided and could only have voted to break a tie. Commissioners Dee Sink and Bud York voted yes (enough for approval) on item 4 below and Commissioner Sherri Davis abstained.

4. Discussion, consideration and possible action on the permitting, sale and consumption of beer at the annual Hogs N Hot Rods Event. -- approved after a lengthy discussion and clarification of goals by Collinsville Downtown Inc. (CDI), city commissioners, city attorney and representatives for at least two of the 4 local merchants with existing licenses to sell 3.2 beer. There had been some confusion with CDI deciding not to sell beer this year (& recent resignation of the CDI program manager, Susan Euler) but wanting to still control how many vendors / where beer sales would occur in the Hogs' event area.. There are currently 4 local businesses with existing (interior only) beer sales permits: Grey Beards, Silver Dollar Cafe, Jalapeno Grill and Philly's Cheese Steak Company. Philly's had already purchased a special 1-day event beer sales permit for Hogs 'N' Hot Rods. The city approval (& CDI/merchant goal) does not allow vendors from out-of-town (or non-profits) to be eligible for the local beer event sales on that day. One of the stated goals is to sell food with a greater potential for return customers (after the event) more likely than beer sales. Other than CDI not being directly involved in beer sales and having new licensed merchants, there is no significant change anticipated ... from the past 10 years with no negative incidents reported.

5. Discussion, consideration and possible action on permit for Hogs N Hot Rods Special Event. -- n/a ... covered by item 4 above.

6. Adjournment

Ted Wright comments in purple

Beer Sales Approved Following Ground Rules Discussion

CDI Not Selling Beer ... Only 4 Exisiting Licensed Business Can Apply For Special Event Exterior Sales

CDI Program Director Has Resigned

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