Collinsville, Oklahoma
July 25, 2011
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State Education Building In OKC
Named For Collinsville's Oliver Hodge

Janet Barresi has been making news in 2011 as State Superintent of Public Education (taking over from long-time superintendent Sandy Garrett) with both officed in the building named for Collinsville's Oliver Hodge in the Oklahoma City State Capitol complex. Hodge was state superintendent from 1947 - 1968.

Oliver Hodge (left) was a coach for Ish Pilkington starting in the 6th grade, then at Collinsville High School, then at the University of Tulsa. Hodge was also a Collinsville graduate (1921) before becoming a Collinsville teacher and principal. He was later the county school superintendent before taking over as State Superintent of Schools in 1947.

The Dr. Oliver Hodge Building in Oklahoma City, OK.
Local "Named" Collinsville Schools
The Collinsville ECC (built in 2006) was renamed the "Janice K. Pollard Early Childhood Center" in June 2011.
Collinsville's Herald Elementary (built in 1997) was named for former Superintendent Pat Herald.
Collinsville's Wilson Elementary (built in 1960) was named for former Superintendent Howell H. Wilson.
It is my assumption that the former Washington Elementary (build in 1912) was named for our first U.S. President George Washington. An identical building built in the same year was located on Smelter Hill and was called Highland Park School. The pair of buildings were also know as North Ward (on Smelter Hill in the Highland Park Addition) and South Ward (Washington). Washington is still standing but has been used for storage for several years. Highland Park School was boarded up in Oct. 1926 (after the smelters were closed) and the bricks used to build the Central Grade School in town in 1933 by the WPA. -- Ted Wright
Note: The four major school buildings above are the best known to the current generations of Collinsville residents. If I have time later I will try to expand a bit for some earlier schools which no longer exist (Fairview, Ellingwood, Eureka, Snarr, and Allen for example). I may also attempt to log all of the sports facilities named for individuals in the future (Sallee Field, Pat Colpitt Field, Howard Ray Field, ... Glen Sunday for example). -- Ted
The former (1912-1969) High School in town was called "Central High School" which I assume was for its location. If you are aware of any other "named" schools please let me know. -- Thanks, Ted Viewer Comments
Ted, watching your page from Wichita....

I was delighted to see your story about Dr. Oliver Hodge on 7/25/'11. As a student eight years at Eureka School, north and west of Collinsville, I stood in awe as Superintent Hodge came to Eureka to visit our one room school. Of course, Mrs. Blanche Carroll our teacher, was always delighted to see her brother. He was the highest dignitary we ever saw and you can be sure that everything was spick and span in anticipation of his arrival. The windows were cleaned, the water supply filled, the black boards cleaned and every scrap of paper picked up and all the sudents were on their best behavior. Our class of six boys mostly together for eight years included: John Butts, Melvin Johnson, Jim Stivers, Raynond Tracy, LeRoy Heinrichs and myself. Any one with memories of Eureka or any of our class can email me at the address below.

Watching your page from Wichita, Wilbur Just... (7/25/2011)

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