Collinsville, Oklahoma
February 16, 2011
Miscellaneous News

Busy "Pink" Night At Basketball Monday /
Can You Sponsor Some Local RSU Fisherman? / Old Bricks Now Meet New Streetscape

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Can You Help Sponsor RSU Fishing Team?
Hi Mr. Wright, my name is Jarrod Shearer and I am currently attending Rogers State University. Derek Thurman and I are attempting to create a collegiate bass fishing team at our school. We were just wondering if you could spread the word around town about us needing sponsors. If you could it would be a great help. Please get back to me and see if we can work something out.

Thanks, Jarrod & Derek (2/15/2011)
Vintage Brick Streets Leveled to Match Streetscape
At mid-day Tuesday many of the vintage bricks (~1916) on the NE corner of 13th and Main were removed and the sub-surface lowered to match the new ramp of the streetscape (intead of a metal ramp over a culvert). By the end of the day (below) those bricks had been restored. -- Feb. 15, 2011
The new center turn lane painting was complete Tuesday for Main Street from 9th to 10th thanks to the new narrower sidewalks.
The future center turn lane from 12th to 13th was outlined in pink Monday.
On the SE corner of 13th & Main the process of lowering the brick culvert was underway with the bricks removed and a new sub-surface being prepared Wednesday Feb. 16th. (Previous Culvert Mis-Match Coverage).
Pink Out / Homecoming / Senior Night
At Monday Feb. 21, 2011 CHS Basketball

This coming Monday, February 21st, FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) along with the 3-Point Club have put together a pink out night for Breast Cancer Awareness. Similar to the one put on during football season. That day during school, myself, along with other FCA officers will be having a donation table in hopes of raising money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We will be doing the same that night during the games. It is also homecoming & senior night that evening, so it will be quite busy! But if you could inform all your cvilleok viewers to wear their pink that night to help us "PINK OUT" it would be greatly appreciated!

Sincerely, Laci Anderson (2/16/2011)
This is the rescheduled CHS basketball game (-vs- Bishop Kelley) that was postponed by snow Feb 4th and will be the final home game. -- Ted
The former culvert / metal ramp by the Library.
The old street and new ramp had been mis-aligned by several inches for over a month.